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October 1, 2005 17:38 - Galaga Cheat for Pocket PC

Once again, for the more lazy amongst us, I've updated to include a Galaga Pocket PC cheat for PDA owners.

galaga-game-overIt will put you in the gaming zone that much easier, especially if you have a burning curiosity to get past a paltry 20 stages.

You can still set the difficulty level on the Pocket PC version of Galaga, but novices used to slower paced alien invasion games will appreciate it.

Then again, you may also appreciate a rocking chair and knitting needles, so usage of this cheat is largely up to your discretion.

I've mentioned this before, but this isn't Galaxian, which is your choice if you want to take the frantic action down a notch.

Especially if dodging laser fire and trying to avoid sudden break-formation-to-collide-with-your-ship tactics employed by the enemy is just a bit too challenging.

October 2, 2005 22:59 - Palm Takes On Pocket PC Gaming

It looks like Palm is poised to gain on the broadening Pocket PC game scene.

Palm recently announced that the Treo 700w, their latest smartphone, will be running the Windows palm-treo-700wMobile 5.0 OS.

The Palm Treo 700w weighs in with a square 250x250 resolution, limiting your smartphone real estate somewhat.

It's EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized), meaning that users can expect significantly faster throughput than GPRS or EDGE networks.

Hopefully we can expect some broadband PDA gaming excellence out of this venture.

I predict that WiFi multiplayer based games like the real-time strategy Warfare Incorporated Pocket PC game will become more prevalent.

This is as it should be, especially when staying at hotels with a crappy, limited cable selection.

Siphoning off some WiFi access point to play over a remote, dedicated game server should become more commonplace in that situation.

It sure beats preparing for that early morning meeting.

Still, the Treo 700w is a promising offering that will further blur the lines of Smartphone vs. Pocket PC gaming. It's enough to make one salivate.

October 3, 2005 19:21 - Pocket PC Emulator Award News

Pocket PC Magazine has announced the Pocket PC emulator finalists. It's small wonder that these Pocket PC software behemoths have already been reviewed on my site.Two out of three finalists, the MorphGear and Pocket Commodore 64 emulators, have earned mentions... (Read Article)

October 4, 2005 19:29 - PDA Gamer Succumbs to Half-Blood Prince

My routine PDA gaming was interrupted when my wife Jessie picked up the Harry Potter series.

sleepy-pda-gamerThis was about a month ago, when I simply didn't understand the hoopla surrounding the books.

I knew that the potty Potter readership was burgeoning, even among adults.

What I didn't expect was for the huge, sinful marketing juggernaut to suddenly become as potentially addictive as crack is purported to be, without all the life-threatening side effects.

I was in a quandary. My readers have come to rely on regular site updates, but I had already broken the spine on the Philosopher's Stone and couldn't put it down.

I wound up routinely breaking out my iPaq 4150 for some short, sweet bursts of the Jawbreaker and Anthelion games during meetings, commercials, weddings and visits to the in-laws.

At one point I took to updating this site via my iPaq's data GPRS plan through Rogers Wireless, initiating terminal server sessions to my desktop PC at home.

This turned out to be a cost-prohibitive maneuver as it's more ideal when you're not paying several CDN bucks per megabyte.

I took to playing Age of Empires Pocket PC version and then reading for an hour from midnight to 1:00am, then waking at 6:00am for work for a month.

I became a shambling self of my former persona.

My sleep debt grew rapidly until it started hammering home that the Shylock of sleep was demanding his pound of flesh. Terrible PDA game freeware that I attempted to review made me crankier.

All because I had to succumb to my inner geek.

Not satisfied with just playing with my iPaq 4150, I had to quell the drooling geek in me that revelled in weird lightning-shaped scars and dark wizards.

Naturally, this one fact would make me a target for ridicule. I'll settle for snickers behind my back instead.

October 5, 2005 13:38 - The Pocket PC Gaming Demise of the iPAQ hx4700

It was with mixed feelings that I received news of the untimely passing of the iPAQ hx4700, according to the HP website article that was posted.I had posted some gaming information about the iPaq hx4700 on my site not too long ago. As a PDA gamer geek, I admired... (Read Article)

October 6, 2005 22:36 - New Bowling Game Action for Your Pocket PC

Bowling game action has somehow found its way to our PDAs time and time again, but Ultimate Bowling Fighter for Pocket PC puts its own strange but vastly entertaining spin on this.Newly released for Pocket PC 2002 or later by the reputable Astraware, they further... (Read Article)

October 7, 2005 23:53 - Handheld Gaming Jeopardized by Virus

A virus deadly to the firmware of the PSP handheld gaming device is already floating around.Sony PSP owners react with trepidation as warnings have been issues of virus software which can render their beloved device inoperable..It's ingenuity lay in the fact... (Read Article)

October 8, 2005 22:06 - More Galaga Strategy for Pocket PC

I've taken the time to upload the Galaga strategies that have served me most faithfully. No one deserves to suffer computer-grocery-shoppingfrom "iPAQ thumb" without having to boast a score of at least 25,000.

The idea for the site addition was almost lost. Jessie and I went to the local Price Chopper supermarket, where I was, of course, playing Galaga at the checkout.

Just when I was entering a reminder to post the additional Galaga strategy tips that I had gleaned, a young woman walked into the grocery store wearing hot pants and a midriff bearing hoodie.

This would have been a normal day, except for the fact that it was 12 degrees Celsius outside.

I had so much fun watching an elderly man studiously avert his eyes as his wife stared at him disapprovingly that I almost forget to enter the reminder into my iPAQ 4150.

So, in spite of this close call, I bring you news of my latest site update, just in case you thought to stop and enjoy some classic arcade-style gaming on your PDA. View

October 9, 2005 11:47 - Blackberry Patent Woes: A Boon for Pocket PC Gaming?

Things are looking a bit gloomy for the Blackberry, PDA cousin to the Pocket PC. The latest appeal over a patent dispute has been turned down, making an injunction against selling the Blackberry in the US all the more possible. I've always thought that if... (Read Article)

October 10, 2005 13:50 - Pocket PC Game Sexual Content Proliferating?

For some reason, Pocket PC game sexual content is starting to creep into our PDA downloads. I can certainly understand why. A study on Handheld Computer Use in a Psychiatric Outreach Program found that PDA users were likely to be male physicians under 35... (Read Article)

October 11, 2005 22:44 - Illegal Canadian Downloads Hurting PDA Gaming?

A prominent study suggests that Canadians between the ages of 12 and 24 account for 78 percent of illegal MP3 downloads.As this only account for 21 percent of Canada's population, it seems painfully obvious where the blame lies.The study was conducted by the... (Read Article)

October 12, 2005 19:13 - The iPAQ rx1950: HP's Answer to PDA Gaming Community?

Hewlett Packard's latest contribution to the Pocket PC arena (and let's face it-- to the PDA gaming community) is the iPAQ rx1950.High-end PDA gamers may wish to set their sights elsewhere. Its 300-Mhz Samsung processor is touted as XScale compatible, but... (Read Article)

October 13, 2005 15:19 - New Apple iPod Aims Squarely at PDA Video Realm

Apple is now poised to delve into the portable video entertainment realm with an iPod model capable of both audio and video.Given that iPod sales are responsible for effectively quadrupling Apple's profits per quarter, this move makes sense.Apple's response,... (Read Article)

October 14, 2005 20:21 - Sony PSP Latest Update Trumps PDA Security

The Sony PSP has an edge against the Pocket PC owning demographic. A new firmware update has been issued to tighten a security noose around folks hoping to exploit a recently uncovered vulnerability.This hole allows hacks to execute on the Sony PSP. Non-compliant... (Read Article)

October 15, 2005 15:29 - Comprehensive Ultimate Pocket PC Bowling Tips

While compiling some Ultimate Bowling Fighter Pocket PC bowling tips, I was momentarily distracted, once again, by some strange news.

bowling-tipsI had been browsing through EBay earlier, hoping for a deal on a new Pocket PC gaming platform.

I subsequently stumbled on to breaking news regarding a paramedic who was sacked for trying to hock a defibrillator on the same online auction site.

To compound Thomas Wildman's woes, the medicial equipment was leased. The entire sordid tale can be viewed here on the BBC news site.

I wonder if he received any bids. I can only speculate of booze hounds attempting to put a little bit of voltage on their drinking buddies when they weren't looking, or something equally disconcerting.

In spite of this and other distractions, my Ultimate Bowling Fighter page has been uploaded.

You'll find key Pocket PC bowling tips for Ryo, Kelly and Maya, the product of many hours of sweaty-palm hardware button jamming strikes, doubles and turkeys. Yes, these bowling tips will bring you that much closer to those elusive hat tricks.

I've also got a streaming side order of basic bowling tips as well. Coincidentally, this is the first in-depth guide to be posted for this game.

To those wondering if I have a life outside PDA gaming or gaming in general, I assure you that I don't. Have fun.

October 16, 2005 10:37 - Micro$oft Speaks to Windows Mobile 5 Upgrade Issues

It's possible that advances in the Windows Mobile OS are somewhat dependent on the gaming community.We certainly have a few innovations that warrant a robust, stable OS capable of high-level API coding to partake of the best of the Pocket PC gaming realm.The... (Read Article)

October 17, 2005 19:36 - Video iPod and Pocket PC Market Fray

The formidable new video iPod has already entered the handheld devices market fray.Hollywood union heads representing the actors and writers starring in shows like Lost and Boston Legal are queueing to ensure their share of the potentially lucrative Apple and... (Read Article)

October 18, 2005 21:55 - HP hw6515 Review Bodes Poorly For Gamers

The appearance of this new iPAQ has not really proved to be in PDA gamers' cumulative interest, especially in the face of middling hw6515 review trauma.Previously released in Europe and Asia in July 2005, the hw6515 smartphone's entry to the US market was a... (Read Article)

October 19, 2005 21:14 - Do You Sudoku? New Masochistic Sudoku Pocket PC Puzzle Downloads

The Sudoku Pocket PC puzzle game is a bit of an about-face.That's if, of course, you're more into rapid swapping puzzle game gems in Bejeweled 2 than applying some ridiculously rigourous and intensely complex logical strategems.The Sudoku Pocket PC version... (Read Article)

October 20, 2005 11:58 - WiFi Hotspots Gaming Battle Intensifies

The city of Philadelphia in the US has recently announced some plans to implement WiFi access throughout the municipality.This would prove fortuitous indeed for Pocket PC gamers in the vicinity. Quality wireless multiplayer enabled PDA games, however, prove... (Read Article)

October 21, 2005 12:29 - iPod and Pocket PC MP3 Player Clash of the Titans

Round one of the iPod and Pocket PC MP3 player boxing match has begun. It appears that the Microsoft software company behemoth has been observing the meteoric rise of the pervasive Apple iPod devices. I've already surmised in a recent video iPod article... (Read Article)

October 22, 2005 12:22 - Video iPod Vs. PDA Porn Wars

MacNewsWorld has reported that the Apple iPod, market share nemesis of the PDA, is poised to take on porn purveyors on the internet.What's intriguing, however, is that Pocket PC porn has proliferated for years now. This shill for Pocket-XXX software masquerading... (Read Article)

October 23, 2005 12:11 - iPod Nano Display Fiasco Becomes Class Action Lawsuit

This iPod Nano display issue has conceivably made purchasers a bit more wary.As a native Torontonian, I sometimes find the litigious nature of our American cousins a bit flabbergasting sometimes.In this recent class action suit, however, the action seems warranted.... (Read Article)

October 24, 2005 19:25 - iPod Versus PDA Upgrade Consumer Trauma

The iPod technological blessings bestowed upon the public have been numerous. Upgrade frenzy hasn't really died down just yet for this particular brand of portable digital audio player.Of course, as evidenced by the Windows Mobile Team Blog, upgrade strategies... (Read Article)

October 25, 2005 19:49 - iTunes Fails In Motorola Rokr Cell Phone Bid

Marrying iTunes capability with Motorola Rokr cell phones was theoretically quite sound. MacNewsWorld has reported, however, that the new Rokr phones by Motorola are being returned in droves.The mobile phone return rate is roughly six times the usual for these... (Read Article)

October 26, 2005 22:07 - Next Nintendo DS Step Impacts PDA Market

The next step in the Nintendo DS technological evolution will be handwriting recognition capability in games.Nintendo Co. Ltd. has just inked a licensing agreement allowing it to harness this technology, previously most prevalent amongst the PDA and smartphone... (Read Article)

October 27, 2005 19:35 - Doom Game Movie Fragged by Critics

The Doom game franchise has proven its popularity. A movie titled after its namesake has proven its box office might. Sarge and his crew have raked in $15.5 million-- not a bad haul.Yet, noted critic Phil Villarreal said it most succintly in his review of... (Read Article)

October 28, 2005 08:51 - New Palm SmartPhone Gaming Interest Surges

The pervasive Palm influence will be taking root in Europe with a new smartphone Research & Development center in Dublin.We may be on the eve of a smartphone gaming revolution.Palm is definitely not a technological evolutionary amoeba when it comes to innovation,... (Read Article)

October 29, 2005 07:47 - Blackberry Legal Woes Impact PDA Gamers?

Things are getting a bit messier for our Pocket PC kin.Research In Motion attempted to lift the Blackberry injunction pending a Supreme court appeal, but this request was turned down on Wednesday according to a Blackberry news article recently released.The... (Read Article)

October 30, 2005 12:37 - The Pocket PC Wargame Genre

It's been a distracting Pocket PC wargame session with Handmark's Warfare Incorporated for Pocket PC. I experienced flashes of Command and Conquer pangs of nostalgia as I started erecting power generators to keep my turrets active. It was the only thing holding... (Read Article)

October 31, 2005 18:52 - iPod Reaches One Million Video Downloads and Counting

Fifth-generation video iPod owners have tapped a huge, legal download market.According to the AppleInsider site, video iPod owners have passed the one million download mark since the service became available on October 12.This is on the heels of the news that... (Read Article)

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