Running PocketCandy From Your PDA's Secure Digital Card

If you've read my PocketCandy article, you'll see that I experienced an issue during testing: PocketCandy 1.0 did not function when I attempted to install it on my 1 gigabyte Secure Digital card.

I just located another PocketCandy download that you might like to try instead. PocketCandy 1.1 allows for SD card installations. I uninstalled 1.0 and installed 1.1, and sure enough the free fractal pocketcandy-options-menuscreensaver started. Your PDA's main memory can breathe a sigh of relief.

It sure gets tiring adjusting that Programs <---> Memory slider for the more resource hungry Pocket PC games.

It boasts of cleaner uninstallations and termination of screensaver services. You can find PocketCandy 1.1 at the site. This link will take you to the specific free download page for this software.


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