PocketCandy Optimal Configuration Settings and Features

PocketCandy 1.0 by Strickland Consulting allows screensavers to start automatically on
your Pocket PC. This feature is not included with the Pocket PC operating system.

Initially, screensavers were made for early CRT monitors to prevent phosphor burn-in. This is when pixels on the screen glow a bit too long, discoloring the CRT monitor's glass.

Advances in monitor technology means that we no longer really need them. Not that I consider that a deterrant or anything.

PocketCandy Bonuses

Fully expecting a trial version download, I was pleasantly surprised. PocketCandy is freeware with absolutely no restrictions. It also comes with 18 free screensavers.

You'll find a more complete breakdown of it here (including configuration options and download links).

Out of the 18, I only wound up keeping 3 of the screensavers: PyroCE, SwarmCE and WormsCE.

PyroCE looks like a tiny fireworks display. SwarmCE has a tiny white line being chased by a swarm of other colored lines. The movement really looks like a swarm of bees.

WormsCE has colored lines that spring from the center and then split off. The multi-colored lines then crawl around the screen. The artwork is simple yet entertaining.

Best part is, other PPC developers use PocketCandy's functionality too. I found the Matrix screensaver and promptly downloaded it. It's also free and I have more configuration options outlined for it here.
I've already mentioned the Riverland Screensaver by Handy Entertainment. It has PocketCandy compatibility.

For my best animated screensaver download guide for your Pocket PC, click here.

The best of the free compatible Pocket PC screensavers seems to be the Matrix Screensaver 1.0. It's an older screensaver with Matrix code scrolling down your PDA's face, and a free download!

The original developer's site link was inactive, so I couldn't include links from this site. Enter 'pocketcandy' and 'matrix' in any popular search engine and you should find some limited links remaining for download.

Further Notes

Don't try to install it on your Secure Digital card. It didn't cooperate when I attempted to install it on my 1 gigabyte SD storage card.

It loads itself into memory when your PDA's Pocket PC/Windows Mobile operating system starts. As a result, there's a slight delay when you perform a soft reset of your device.

These issues are minor, especially considering what it does (and includes) for free, not to mention the other screensavers that it enables your handheld to use.
Bottom Line: Drawbacks: Restricted to main memory install,

but program is small. Brief delay on startup.

Bonuses: Free Matrix screensaver available. Popular Riverland Screensaver also works with it. PocketCandy is well worth the download. After all, it's free.

** Site Update ** Since this article, I've located update version 1.1. It comes with a few enhancements and fixes the SD installation issue. View

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