PPC Age of Empire Gold Edition Cheat Code List

Age of Empire Gold Edition cheat codes for the Pocket PC aren't exactly available in

There are way more cheats codes available for the desktop PC counterpart.

This is largely due to an inability to the missing multiplayer component in the PPC version.

More likely, the Pocket PC game developers simply didn't code all the cheats available into the PDA port.

Another likely explanation is that the AoE desktop PC version cheats listed have to be typed in a Chat window, which is absent in the PDA version.

As such, here are the posted the Pocket PC and desktop PC version of the Age of Empire Gold Edition cheats:

AoE Gold Edition Pocket PC Cheat

Hold down your iTask button and you'll see a red letter 'S' appear next to the age-of-empire-gold-edition-cheat-code Diplomacy button.

Simply click on the icon next to the resource (not the adjacent numbers!) and you'll augment each resource by 1000.

Even though this is the only known AoE cheat for PPC in existence, it can definitely carry you through a game when things get tough.

Age of Empire Gold Edition Cheat Code List for Desktop PC

You'll find a lot more cheats in the desktop PC version counterpart.


Just press [enter] for the chat box and type one of the following to enable the cheat:

photon man - nuke trooper armed with laser gun

e=mc2 trooper - silver unit armed with nuclear missile

If you want to see more details besides Age of Empire Gold Edition cheat code information, this link will provide more details about other aspects of this excellent Pocket PC real-time strategy game download.

hoyohoto - speed boost and 600 hit points for Priest units

home run - win the scenario by default

dark rain - bowmen can be placed in trees and can walk on water

woodstock - +1000 wood

steroids - buildings are erected instantly

reveal map - reveals entire map

quarry - 1000 stone

pepperoni pizza - +1000 food

no fog - clears the fog

jack be nimble - enables human catapult projectiles

gaia - control animals

diediedie - destroy all enemy units

coinage - +1000 gold

big daddy - equips car units with missiles

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