Age of Empires Pocket PC Edition Deathmatch Tips

Deathmode mode in Age of Empires Pocket PC Edition presents its own set of unique challenges. age-of-empires-deathmatch-egyptians Everyone player starts off at full resources, so its undoubtedly a quick race to conquest.

As such, the usual pre-game strategies apply: analyze the map first and pick your civilization accordingly.

This article outlines Deathmatch strategy nuances behind this surprising real-time strategy contender for the PPC platform.

Age of Empires Pocket PC Deathmatch Details

age-of-empires-deathmatch-mottley-crew It naturally follows that my enthusiasm for Pocket PC gaming also means experienced real-time strategy gaming on the desktop PC platform.

Well used to Age of Empires on the desktop PC (I spent most of the latter half of the nineties ordering Macedonians against

Phoenicians), I discovered new navigational learning curves with the PPC version.

Deathmatch Map Navigation

More so in the Deathmatch mode than any other, you have to get used to the idea of using your D-pad to scroll around the map. age-of-empires-egyptians I'm right-handed, so I held my stylus in my right hand while using the D-pad with my left thumb.

You can swap orientations if you're a southpaw.

You will see a white rectangle in the mini-map depicting the area of the map that you're viewing.

The rectangle snaps to some sort of invisible grid.

You'll find that the terrain on the display scrolls smoothly while the rectangle on the mini-map tends to jump a little bit.

Ensure that you're used to this before attempting Deathmatch on Hard or higher.

Set difficulty to Moderate to practice navigation for the Age of Empires Pocket PC edition as the enemy AI doesn't make early-rushing minced meat out of your base.

Age of Empires Pocket PC Edition Deathmatch Structure Building

The key as to advance through the ages to the Iron Age as quickly as possible.

Don't try this in other Age of Empires Pocket PC edition strategy modes besides Deathmatch as the standard game has resource restrictions that don't make this feasible.

Immediately send two villagers a little distance from your Town Center.

Set the third villager to start cracking on some house-building. age-of-empires-deathmatch You need houses to augment your population or your building will come to a grinding halt.

Quickly locate wood and food supples (whether the latter be deer or berries) and erect Storage Pit and Granary buildings near their respective resources.

Command your villagers to start harvesting these resources.

With nearby drop-off points, you will start your resource-gathering momentum.

This becomes valuable later in AoE. Rookie players tend to erect structures on an ad hoc basis and then watch their wood, food and gold supplies deplete rapidly when they need troops.

See to your resource inflows early in the game and you can catch your enemy civilization flat-footed.

The enemy AI civilization will need to defend itself against your destructive heavy catapult / heavy cavalry / long sword combo.

Deathmatch Unit Training

The Age of Empires Pocket PC edition necessitates a very specific training or 'building' strategy for your units.

The onus is on advancing through the Ages, so set to work building only the structures necessary to advance to the next age. age-of-empires-deathmatch-destroy-enemy-base While the Granary and Storage Pits structures are being built, train five villagers before advancing to the next age.

Building five dosn't take long, and you will need the extra manpower later.

Follow the Advance Age --> 5 villagers --> Advance Age strategy and you will advance quickly though the ages while maintaining a core group of dedicated villagers for building and repairs.

While advancing from the first age, set these extra villagers to work on building houses as you'll need to amass your troops.

Drop-off Placement

Build your resource drop-off points near to the resources themselves as you scout the map.

You will find some upgrades provided by the Granary to turn your watch towers into defensive guard towers to keep your opponent at bay.

Set up guard towers around these resource gathering points and watch the enemy AI squirm as it feebly squanders its own resources while trying to reclaim the map.

Own the Map

The Age of Empires Pocket PC edition makes it imperative to own the majority of the map in Deathmatch.

This makes it easier to have a Runes-based victory if you think you're lucky enough to go for it.

It will lock your enemy out in the bargain.

Rush Tactics

One thing I love about Deathmatch is that you can be upgraded to the gills in a very short space of time, given that you actually start the game with full resources.

Click on each building if you're unsure what upgrades are offered to see brief descriptions of each.

A +2 armour upgrade for your Heavy Elephants will make their hide almost impervious, allowing them to take some damage from long-range Ballista assaults, for example.

Generally, though, slow-moving pachyderm units can't be used against long-range siege weaponry.

Try Heavy Cavalry instead and give defensive units guarding the siege weapons a wide berth as you outflank them on each side.

They will make extremely short work of the siege weapons as they quickly reduce them to useless piles of wood.

You will find more Age of Empires Pocket PC edition details regarding rush squad combinations and other thoughts on the PDA platform version of this game at this link.

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