Age of Empires Gold Edition for Pocket PC Details

Age of Empires Pocket PC Edition by Mobile Digital Media is one of the finer

real-time strategy games available for your versatile PDA.

AoE for PPC Details

You take charge of a civilization and advance your people through several eras, each subsequently more technologically advanced than the last.

This allows you to upgrade your equipment, infantry and weapons through the ages.

This is achieved by having your villagers build specific structures as well as horde enough of certain resources.

There are only a few quality RTS downloads available for the PPC.

You'll find more info on other RTS game downloads for the Pocket PC on my site as well.

Brief Real-Time Game History

This game is a port that was first made immensely popular when the desktop PC version was first developed in 1997 by Microsoft.

The original Age of Empires incarnation resulted in a rash of various other real-time age-of-empires-stone-age-egyptian strategy game formats.

AoE itself spawned an RTS gaming dynasty of other related titles.

Let's hope that this bodes well for the future as to date I've only played one other RTS PDA game that was noteworthy.

It would be excellent to see developers crank out some more PPC-based games of this genre.

PDA Gaming Modifications

There were a few touches thrown in for us PDA platform-crazy folks as a straight transition age-of-empires-tool-age from the desktop PC would have surely been a hassle.

Unless you make a habit of taking that Bluetooth foldable keyboard everywhere you go, it would have been a truely monumental task to make use of hotkeys to locate your town center, idle villagers, etc.

The PDA version of Age of Empires makes up for this by allowing you to display the in-game shortcut keys in a convenient narrow sidebar.

The sidebar takes up a tiny fraction of your game's real estate, but not so much that it detracts from the gameplay. You can also disable it if you feel the need.

In addition, you can simply hold the stylus across the range of buildings to view details on each one, helpful for those not prone to memorizing icons.

Simply lift your stylus when you're on the selected structure and click on the area of the map to set your villager to work erecting the building.

I've seen far too many low-grade dedicated gaming console to desktop PC transitions simply because they've been rushed to production.

It looks like Mobile Digital actually took their time with AoE as it hasn't suffered the same fate.

Installation Issues

I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that the .zip file download contained four separate self-extracting .exe files for installation of various modules (core game, video, campaign and scenarios).

It's a minor, unnecessary annoyance. There's no reason that I can fathom as to why this hasn't been bundled into a single installation.

On the plus side, each installation is surprisingly short.

Program Memory Details

You'll need at least 10 megabytes of program memory available. Unlike a lot of other titles, there is no option to throw caution age-of-empires-stone-age the winds and simply continue anyway.

It's great to see Mobile Digital protecting us from ourselves, but still, be careful unless you want to make a habit of re-adjusting your PDA program memory reallocation slider.

In short, if you own an iPAQ rz1700 series, you may want to check out alternative downloads to this one.

If you're unsure whether this will perform well, try the Age of Empires Pocket PC trial version to ensure that you have optimal performance on your device.

My AoE Pocket PC Strategists' Handbook is my compendium of the best known tips applied by seasoned RTS gamers.

This real-time strategy game is not for the faint of RAM.

If you only have 32 megabytes in your unit, I strongly suggest downloading the Age of Empires trail version to verify performance, especially for 200-Mhz Pocket PCs.

My iPAQ 4150 with 400-Mhz processor took everything that AoE threw at it, graphics-wise, with absolutely no lag as I conducted large-scale assaults.

My Age of Empires Rise of Rome article describes some of one of my numerous battles with just the new units from the included expansion pack.

My AoE cheat code info article will allow you to 'hack' your way through some tough scenarios with some cheats for both the Pocket PC and its desktop PC cousin.

Frame rates were consistently high with every single game.

One glaring observation is that Wi-Fi or Bluetooth multiplayer is conspicuously absent.

It would have been fun to have the ability to pit yourself against other human opponents.

I found the Age of Empires Deathmatch mode immensely enjoyable. The link will lead you to specific Deathmatch tips to give you an edge against the enemy civilization AI.

There's a cornucopia of goodies available to make up for this with Age of Empire Gold Pocket PC Edition, though.

You'll see a wide variety of gaming modes (i.e. Random Map, Campaign, Death Match or Scenario).

AoE is also bundled with the Rise of Rome expansion pack, giving you immediate access to four new civilizations (Palmyra, Roman, Macedonia and Carthage).

Bottom Line

Loses a few points for absent multiplayer modes. Excellent graphics, frame-rates and audio make up for this.

The bonus expansion pack means you'll be enjoying many additional hours of RTS gameplay.

PDAGameGuide Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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