New Animated Screensaver Release For Your Pocket PC

An animated screensaver is especially handy for your Pocket PC. You may not have the luxury of mashing your NAV pad repeatedly during meetings, for example. It draws strange looks from other commuters sometimes.

It's even stranger when you make erratic jabbing motions with your stylus if you're playing a first person shooter.

If that's animated-screensaver-timberland-nightthe case, Timberland is your ticket to an everglade vacation during your workday. Maybe the politically correct term is "quality non-interactive PDA game" for this genre.

Handy Entertainment has improved steadily on their already quality cartoon screensavers. My Riverland animated screensaver article outlined my reactions to its real-time synchronization and excellent minute detailed touches.

Timberland is as solid a time-killer as Riverland, perhaps even more so. The animation is a bit clearer, so you won't feel like you need a 4.0" VGA display this time.

animated-screensaver-timberland-magpiesThere were a few bumps on the installation road. I had to reinstall PocketCandy and this cartoon screensaver to main memory for configuration purposes. More on that later.

It features a wooded glade with owls, magpies, and horse buggies ... so far. This is just from the first few minutes of action. Maybe there will be some spooky nightlife like the Riverland animated screensaver.

Full details to follow in my upcoming review.


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