The PDA AoE Gold Edition Strategists' Handbook

Naturally, a few of my old AoE techniques apply to the Pocket PC version of Age of Empires as well.

The conversion was really true to the desktop PC original.

This revealed itself as I successfully applied my long-time strategies to this relatively new Pocket PC RTS game port.

When To Hasten AoE Age Progression

  • Ensure that you proceed through ages as rapidly as possible. Your opponents will be at a loss as you pound their lumbering jurassic units with Bronze Age swarms.

  • Also advance through the ages as soon as possible in a points-based AoE game mode. You'll receive strategic point boosts faster than your opponents.

Age of Empires Start of Game Strategies

  • Analyze the map before you choose your civilization. It would be unfortunate to choose a unit type that's stronger on land in a sea-based map.

  • Take defensive measures by building the appropriate structures as soon as you are capable of doing so

That turret will slow down early destructive assaults.

If you're in the Bronze Age and you still haven't done this, it may already be too late.

General AoE Rush Tactics

  • If you'd like to inflict some fear from above, get to the Bronze Age quickly. You can cap your villager building to about 20 and you will still advance at a rapid clip.

Killer AoE Combat Combo Squads

Grouping certain units together will pave your path to empire victory with devastating success.

  • Three or four Chariot Archers or an equal number of killer horses will leave your opponent's villagers fleeing in terror.

The bowmen will pick off your opponent's civilization units while they're being trampled to their demise by your cavalry in a savage, unequal battle.

  • AoE heavy catapults wreak havoc on enemy structures. Five heavy catapults with the same number of Helipolis units in the Iron Age will completely decimate any of your foe's forces that are foolish enough to stand in its way.

  • Four cavalry units and an equal number of bowmen with the Composite upgrade plus a catapult will do an amazing amount of damage.

Ranged catapult attacks down structures from a distance while the horses take care of the close mob melee attacks and keep them away from your catapults.

AoE Wonder and Ruin Strategies

There are prime times to build a wonder.

  • Erecting a wonder is not a good idea if your enemy civilizations are leaving you behind in prehistoric age dust.

The resources involved in building this structure simply doesn't make it worthwhile.

Especially when your opponent sends his technologically advanced civilization forces as your resources are being drained.

  • Ensure that your wonder is sufficiently defended

The goal is to have it last a couple thousand years, so this is common sense.

  • Don't go for the ruins victory

This is not easy to accomplish.

If you're really that foolhardy, erect towers around each ruin you collect and place your units to stand guard around it.

This is as secure as it gets without wasting most of your resources on these defensive measures.

Resourcing Tips

  • Improving your wood supply is essential as naval units utilize a lot of lumber.
  • Be certain to do this for sea based maps and keep that lumber inflow going strongly.

  • Keep a squad of villagers on hand constantly.

If things get rough, you can always hike it to your ally's base. You can simultaneously bolster his defenses and regroup yours.

Town Center Tip

  • Erect multiple Town Centers

This benefit is twofold as you can produce villagers and hasten your Iron Age progress. They also double as Granaries and Storage Pits albeit a bit more costly.

My Pocket PC AoE details outline gameplay and graphics as tested on my iPaq 4150 for this real-time strategy powerhouse.

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