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Arcade Game Pocket PC Spotlight: Skyforce Reviewed

As Pocket PC arcade games go, the action in Skyforce will keep you entertained. A
variety of warplane types and difficulty settings allows it accomodate all players, from newbies to pros.

As a well-reviewed ppc title, I decided to see what the fuss was for myself. The Skyforce arcade game trial download is restricted to 2 minutes of gameplay, but it was enough for me to hear the surprisingly deep sounding explosions while destroying enemy planes.

The climate changes and particle-based explosions eventually sold me. It's a pretty good buy at $9.98, so I didn't have much to lose. It was definitely not a disappointment.

Look over my SkyForce level one walkthrough for some details on enemy units and level one stages.


I noted the vivid colours and superb sounds. The music and graphics mimic the look and feel of an early game console, but the particle explosions and smoke effects make it feel more like a really excellent update to one of these games.

It performed quite well on my iPaq 4150. The frame rate is top-notch. You may be interested in how my device stacks up against the iPaq 4700 with regards to gaming hardware capability. By speeding up graphic rendering by modifying the Pocket PC registry I was able to eliminate startup load time.

Skyforce Gameplay

If you are a coin up arcade fan, the appeal is definitely there. It feels and plays like a classic arcade game vertical scrolling shooter, but revamped.

The gameplay is definitely linear, but this is true of almost all classic arcade shoot-em-up style games. The real fun is definitely in the power-ups available.

There are multiple gun and missile upgrades that you can collect. When you die, you have to find all the upgrades again. They simply hover nearby, giving you a chance to collect them again quickly.

This makes up for having to start at the first levelwhen you lose. A save game feature would have been helpful, especially with 8 large levels.

However, I can live with this since I became almost invincible after receiving several powerups. Facing down level bosses becomes easier if you do this, making a comeback more fun.

You have your choice of your standard 'easy', 'medium' or 'difficult' settings. There are also 3 types of warplanes you can choose before starting the game.

They range from an agile fighter with light shields and a heavily armored warplane.

Bottom line: Fun GameBoy Advance-like scrolling shooter with excellent graphics and sound. Loses points as there is no option to save game, but gains points in satisfying power-ups and fun gameplay. Will appeal to ppc arcade game fans. rating: 4.6 out of 5

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