Recent Pocket PC RPG Release News

The folks at PDAMill have struck PDA game gold in the past, but this entry while idly browsing made me sit up and take notice.

A new role-playing game release called Arvale II: Ocean of Time has been released.

Palm owners have been left in the ditch as this is not yet available for that OS, but it also touts compatibility with all Pocket PCs. They promise to port this to the Palm platform soon.

arvale-ii-rpg-pda-gameI'll have to see for myself if this means what I hope that it doesn't; sometimes when PPC game developers stretch for a wide range of platforms, weird developments occur.

That's unlikely if the reviews are to be believed, but as always I have to see if there's any deceptive advertising afoot.

PDAMill have already proven themselves, so I'm betting on this being a successful Pocket PC game addition.


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