Mastering Bejeweled 2 Game for PDA : Action Strategy Guide

As far as the Bejeweled 2 game is concerned, rest assured that Action mode is one of the toughest next to the increasingly complex Puzzle mode.

It's swapping gem frenzy against the clock as your progress bar counts down.

This guide centers on Bejeweled 2 strategy tips specifically for Action mode. You'll find lots of strategy goodness to bejeweled-2-game-lightningkeep yourself going, level after level. I have a few other tips for this mode, but in the interests of brevity I've only uploaded the strategies that have been proven most successful over time.

If you're still getting scores below 350,000, learn more about these Action mode strategies:

  • Utilizing those Hypercubes to gain the most time against the clock

  • When and when not to use that Hint button
  • Using sparkling gems most effectively for maximum points
  • There's a few more tips included in the full strategy article. Just click the View link at the end of this news release for the full Bejeweled 2 Action mode guide.



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