Bejeweled 2 Game Mode Guide: Action Mode Strategies

In this Bejeweled 2 game mode for Pocket PC, the presence of the progress bar makes a big difference. You're racing against the clock to match those gems this time.

If you really want to step up your game, you have to know precisely how to strategize.

Swapping gems at random in this mode will result in a score somewhere southward of 350,000.

It really doesn't pay, especially if you really want to bring your Bejeweled 2 game face on and rack up some high scores.

Action mode starts off with the progress bar decreasing in one second intervals. It's bejeweled 2 game best to try not to use the Hint button after you've cleared at least 6 levels.

This is because the Hint button rapidly depletes your progress bar. The depletion is only a short burst, but it's still enough to set you behind when you advance levels.

As always, you have to swap gem positions to match adjacent coloured gems, resulting in points being awarded. As in any mode, it takes a match of 3 or more gems to make this possible.

Start Of Game Strategies

Initially, just go for any match possible. Time is on your side. The slow pace of the countdown affords more time to look around.

This is because with each level that you sucessfully clear, the pace at which your allotted time is depleted increases a bit.

In short, you're given slightly less allocated time with each subsequent level.

Hypercube Strategies

The best way to demonstrate hypercube strategies is through example. Hypercubes are formed with 5 gem combos.

In the screenshot from my game, I swapped around a couple of times to place the hypercube next to the red gems.

As you can swap the hypercube with any colour gem, aim for the gem with the highest colour count as a general rule of thumb. All of the gems of that colour will be reaped from the playing field for points.

For maximum points, scope out the playing field to see if you can earn additional matches resulting from the destruction that results following to hypercubing.

The resulting play saw my score leap from 4,800 to 10,100 points with one hypercube swap, resulting in endless opportunities in residual points afterward.

Double Combo

You will more than likely see some double combos during your hypercubing tactics.

The double combo is the matching of two sets of gems, with one match resulting from a previous one. It's easier to set these up in earlier rounds for a virtual treasure trove of points.

The reason for this tactic is that the more levels you clear, the faster your allotted time will decrease. That's why it's best to rack those points up when you can.

The progress bar will flash in warning when time is critically low. Don't get into the habit of using that Hint button at times like this, unless you want to hasten your demise with this type of Bejeweled 2 game play.

If you've scoured the board for a good few seconds beforehand, use it a few seconds before the warning flash appears. Adjust this interval accordingly with each successfully cleared level.

This should give you enough time to throw a periscope on the playing field to quickly scout for the next play after the hint play. This will increase your recovery time after your available time takes a hit.

Bling Strategies

By the way, that shine that you see on random gems isn't just sparkly bling. You can hit the jackpot with these rocks as they are worth about 3 times more points than you would earn with a regular combo.

You receive a shiny, points packed gem for every 4 gem combo you attain. As it's somewhat easier to rack up four gem combos, it's best to know how to use them in the Action Bejeweled 2 game mode.

By the same token, your allotted time will increase considerably as there is a direct ratio of points to time gained on the progress bar.

The reason it gets harder as you proceed is because your time is draining that much faster.

Scoring System

Good news is, you start off scoring 200 points for a 3 gem combo, 400 for 4 gems, and so on as they increase exponentially.

Add 100 to each figure for each subsequent level, and you get the idea.

These extra points to save your time don't make much difference in the Action Bejeweled 2 game mode when your progress bar starts dipping like your thermometer's mercury in the middle of winter.

A double combo award system would consist of 200 for the first match and 400 for the next one.

Setting up a quadruple combo is a bit more complex but can net you more than 2400 cumulative points in one swap. You'll see lots of accidental quadruple combos in this Bejeweled 2 game mode.

Try to take advantage and swap the sparkly gems whenever possible. This would mean setting up plays. Obviously, don't spend take too long doing this as time is of the essence.

Try to swap just below shiny gems if you want to bring them down a row or two to match same coloured gems further down the Bejeweled 2 game field.

You may want to take a look at my Bejeweled 2 game review as the article goes into my thoughts on the game. You will also find a link from the article leading to basic strategy tips for other game modes as well.

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