More Surprising Bejeweled 2 Game Playing Tips: Puzzle Mode

Trying to decrypt Bejeweled 2 PDA playing tips for Puzzle Mode just might drive you around the bend.

As you no doubt know if you've viewed my full Bejeweled 2 strategy guide, Puzzle mode throws increasingly hairy, complex coloured-gem puzzles at you.

You'll find a writeup with links for Bejeweled 2 playing tips unique for each game mode.

Just to spite you, Puzzle Mode kicks in some unique gems that you will not encounter in any other game mode. Annoying gems that detonate and obliterate other surrounding gems, for starters.

The onus is on you to solve five confounding coloured gem sub-planets to warp to the next planet, meaning more and more alien terrain landscapes.

You have to problem-solve yourself from one cryptic planet to the next until you decrypt yourself home to earth.

With 16 planets of coloured gem confusion and 5 sub-planets to each planet, you're looking at 80 puzzles in total, so it's no mean feat.

My Bejeweled 2 Puzzle Mode solutions page will take a look at the most mind-boggling, gem-filled puzzles.



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