Mastering Bejeweled 2
Pocket PC Strategy Guide

I picked up quite a few tips over time. Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC version is an
extremely addictive game.

This article outlines some general strategies for a few game modes.

Chess Moves

You have to think ahead a few moves to boost your rankings. The 3-in-a-row may an the obvious move, but hunt for a four in a row (or better) if you can.

Do this even if it takes a few extra seconds. This is easier in every Bejeweled 2 game mode except Action mode.

A vertical four-in-a-row may be difficult to spot, but go for these over horizontal ones.

You have a better chance of scoring serious points if you do. Four gems dropping vertically makes for more likely combos.

Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC Puzzle Mode

I've found my favourite game mode to be compelling and extremely challenging.

Swapping gems does not result in new ones dropping into place in this mode. Only one sequence of moves results in a "solution" where gems are cleared completely from the board.

Doing this allows you to "warp" to the next planet, with a different terrain for the background.

A more complete Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC review breaks down my thoughts on this excellent PDA game.

Keep Track of Puzzle Games Completed

Each galaxy has five "planets" or levels. After clearing five you warp toanother galaxy.

You have to rethink your strategy after clearing the first few planets as new puzzle elements are introduced into the game.

New destructive "detonation" gems, for example, are introduced later. These bombs count down and then detonate.

The timer counts down as you match gems,regardless of which gem your stylus happens to be dragging at the time.

Bejeweled 2 high score

It helps to think of the bombs in terms of 'moves left' plus one. If the bomb reads '3', you have 4 moves remaining to clear gems or rocks below.

When playing Puzzle mode, you really have to think ahead. It's easier to think of moves as clearing blocks of gems.

It is much easier to keep track of possible 'orphans' this way. Leaving these gems as orphans means that you're stuck with no adjacent gems to swap.

Be careful of this as you'll have to restart the level.

Action Game Mode On Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC

Action mode pits you against the clock. A progress bar increases as you score matches with the gems, but decreases slowly as time passes and you hunt for moves.

You pass the level when the progress bar hits the rightmost edge of your PPC screen.

Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC

The best strategy for this game mode is to look quickly for combo plays, or a double. This means looking ahead and attempting to score twice on one move.

You have to be persistent. It really helps to abstain from looking at the progress bar as you play, unless you like a little panic served with your puzzle game.

I've successfully come back from the progress bar almost hitting the end. Watching your bar's progress while playing is distracting, however.

For my thoughts on this game, you may want to view my Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC article for some more details on graphics and audio. You'll also find links leading to deeper, more advanced gameplay strategies compiled for each specific game mode.

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