Blackberry Legal Woes Impact PDA Gamers?

Things are getting a bit messier for our Pocket PC kin.

Research In Motion attempted to lift the Blackberry injunction pending a Supreme court appeal, but this request was turned down on Wednesday according to a Blackberry news article recently released.

The lower court decision and injunction against US sales stays in place for the time being.

blackberry-7290-gamesIn keeping with the functionality convergence theme music that's been blaring in the handheld realm, Palm and RIM recently signed a licensing deal.

In essence, Palm Treo 650 smartphone owners will be able to synchronize with Blackberry servers and sync their email and calendar options using Blackberry Connect, according to

If things continue in the vein, Blackberry game junkies in the US will have to turn elsewhere for their PDA game fix.

PDA gaming corporation like Magmic may have to shift their emphasis from quality Blackberry games. Perhaps Blackberry 7290 game sales will be buoyed by other sources, just not in the US.

Inevitably, Treo 650 users will tap into a portion of the Blackberry gaming market as consumers are lured by higher 320x320 resolution and non-volatile memory.

warfare-incorporated-for-pocket-pcIn short, PDA gamers will be assured that neglecting to charge their smartphone isn't synonymous with PDA game loss.

The tentatively titled Treo 700w remains the PDA gamer's dark horse as they've eschewed the Palm OS in favour of Windows Mobile 5.

The ever-increasing list of quality titles like Warfare Incorporated for Pocket PC are blatantly ignoring the Palm community as ports for real-time strategy gaming goodness fail to be realized.

Maybe these Pocket PC game developers know something that we don't.

I'll keep musing on this as I place my Warfare RTS game units into formation and prepare for the OMNI faction onslaught.


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