The Blackberry and Microsoft WiFi Gaming Wars

The Blackberry and Microsoft saga is a piece of good fortune, strictly for the Pocket PC demographic.

Research in Motion has been through a few dark days as outlined in my BlackBerry legal woes article a few days ago. now reports that Microsoft is taking a bit more active interest in the Blackberry and its email capabilities through its actions.

microsoft-wifi-war-dollar-signsNokia is also mentioned as another WiFi competitor, but Microsoft is a bit more pertinent to PDA gamers.

If your firm uses Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003 for Outlook e-mail handling, you may be in luck.

Microsoft's salvo consisted of offering upgrades freely from early 2006 for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices to receive e-mail.

It's a marketing strategy best adopted by deep-pocketed corporations.

The Blackberry had initially been the first device to allow access through company firewalls, granting them an edge in the messaging market.

blackberry-wifi-pokerNow times have changed and Microsoft is horning in on the action, presumably netting more Pocket PC buyers and hence more gamers in the process.

A WiFi wireless migration to a Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA will be an eye-opener for former Blackberry gamers.

Direct3D Mobile, DirectDraw Mobile and DirectX Mobile should lure e-mail on the run folks and Pocket PC game fans alike.

Future sales figures will indicate how much influence Pocket PC gamers yield over mobile device purchases.


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