BlackBerry Attempts to Skirt Patent Block

Research in Motion's latest move may yet stave off BlackBerry game demise in the US due to patent disputes.

The latest news on the site is of the virtual escape-hatch variety.

A recent address to the investors in New York confirmed testing of a BlackBerry software upgrade first mentioned in June, according to RIM Co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie.

BlackBerry-dog-and-ponyApparently, the wondrous software upgrade allows them to skirt NTP BlackBerry patent claims.

I guess such measures are warranted as an appeal is the only thing preventing the injunction in the US at the moment.

Hopefully for the BlackBerry game demographic in the US, this seeming dog-and-pony show is the real deal.

Still, Windows Mobile 5.0 games will be waiting in the wings to seduce US BlackBerry game fans, especially in the face of looming service withdrawal symptoms.


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