BlackBerry Decision Nail In Coffin?

BlackBerry gamers in the US will be certain to react badly to the latest news.

A Yahoo news story indicated that the Supreme Court thumbed its nose at the prospect of BlackBerry case intervention in the patent dispute with NTP.

As a native Torontonian, it hurts to see Research in Motion, a Canadian firm, losing most of its market share in the prospect of a negative decision by the U.S. District Judge in federal court.

blackberry-supreme-court-rejection-articleIt pains more to note that RIM is succumbing to the litigious patent clash du jour, while Creative dukes it out with Apple over some iPod patent drama.

Microsoft got in the act a long time ago, fighting for the right to emoticons in deadly earnest with a frivolous patent filing last year.

Looks like the only BlackBerry game aficionados spared would be those in the US government or emergency worker sector.

These are the only groups that would be spared in the event of a BlackBerry blackout in the United States.

blackberry-sudokuThe scales of justice will be teetering as BlackBerry gamers not fortunate enough to belong to those sectors are forced to choose another handheld device if this occurs.

That eventuality will amount to a RIM job gone wrong, leaving dead BlackBerry units in the hands of unfortunate US denizens.

Except for those lucky emergency workers and government officials, of course.

In the event of an unfavourable judgement against the BlackBerry, the inevitable push towards the Pocket PC will mean more and better games for the latter.

An influx of migrating PDA gamers certainly couldn't hurt. It would be an eye-opening experience for the most hardened BlackBerry game fans anyway.


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