BlackBerry RIM US Government Injunction Intervention

Apparently some US government officials aren't willing to part with their BlackBerry just yet.

According to a recent Washington Post article, the Justice Department has filed a brief requesting a 90-day postponement of the BlackBerry blackout in the US due to NTP's patent claims.

Apparently the suits wish to identify key people who simply cannot get enough BlackBerry service and have no desire to cancel for frivolous patent claims.

blackberry-doj-gavelI've uploaded several articles regarding BlackBerry legal trauma, most recently with news of the Research in Motion BlackBerry demise since the last Supreme Court ruling on October 29 2005.

10 percent of the 3 million United States based BlackBerry users are government employees using the devices to keep in contact when out of the office.

Still no word on what percentage of this comprises of the BlackBerry game demographic. Presumably a fair number.

image-files/blackberry-us-govt-articleI've mentioned a bit more RIM trauma in my November 9 BlackBerry WiFi article, with Microsoft offering to provide free upgrades for WM 5 Exchange Server e-mail transmission capabilities.

An influx of ex-BlackBerry patriots perhaps shifting to Windows Mobile 5.0?

This would presumably pan out well for PDA gamers. Time will tell.


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