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UBF Bowling Game Details for Pocket PC

Ultimate Bowling Fighter or the UBF Pocket PC bowling game features players and bowling alley locations that you have to unlock to play.

This Pocket PC game also presents four already unlocked pro international bowlers, as well as four bowling locales.

You'll also discover a generous helping of aesthetically pleasing international bowler babes.

The Ultimate Fighter bowling game trial download only allows you to choose between two players and two alley locations.


I haven't noticed graphics on par with this title with any other bowling download available.

The graphics are crisp and high-resolution, and sending my bowling ball down the alley at full power for the first time was exhilarating.

bowling-game-maya-special-ball This special ball option can be disabled, but I definitely advise against this as you'll be missing out on some excellent special effects.

For some bowling tips gleaned by scrutinizing pro bowler behaviour, check here for basic and in-depth bowling tips for these aesthetically pleasing athletes.

To uncover the enigma of locked, hidden pro bowler number 5 in this Pocket PC game, my Pocket PC bowling guide to unlocking this mysterious bowler has been uploaded.

If you achieve the special ball move, the ball appears to be engulfed in flames of various colours with resplendent trailing particle effects.

The type of effects of contingent on the international bowler selected. They each have their own signature ball.

I've sent Ryo (Japanese bowler) in with a few three-strike-in-a-row scenarios, but these moves aren't always that easy to accomplish.

The graphics are reminiscent of Japanese anime, especially the small picture-in-picture like display in the bottom right hand corner of the playing field.

This screen displays a short bit of comical animation after each play, such as bowling pins quaking in fear and then being pushed over by a bulldozer.

I shouldn't fail to mention clips well-endowed animated lady with a bouncing decolletege holding a sign reading Strike!

There's a menu option to disable such so-called racy animation, but I didn't notice a whole lot to fear. Use your own discretion.

Even so, it looks painfully obvious that Astraware is targeting our libido-bolstered drooling male PDA geek demographic for this bowling game release.

After each bowling battle set concludes, you'll see in-between shots of your two players.

pda-bowling-maya-scene Note the low-riding pants on the female contestants.

I'm betting that bowling TV ratings would skyrocket if they actually wore outfits like these.

Sorry, ladies-- no such favour with the male bowling pros. They all seem a bit nondescript.

I'll be posting a complete UBF bowling guide soon as each bowler applies different techniques to gain a strike.

I noted the clear wood-finish alley lane pin and ball reflections, as well as the super smooth pin-falling and ball-rolling animations.
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pocket-pc-bowling-game-kelly The bowling balls are of varying weight classes depending on the player you select.

If you've ever played Street Fighter, you'll find the player select menu and the flights to other bowling alley destinations before each match in the Tournament mode to be eerily reminiscent of this fighting game.

This provides UBF with a distinct head-to-head flavour.

Bowling Game Engine

The game engine logistics stand out, showcasing the simplistic side of the software team that gave us Bejeweled 2 and other top-calibre titles.

Depending on the option you select, you can choose the Gauge or Stylus control, which means the difference between trying time a moving gauge or tracing the route to the pins with your stylus.

bowling-for-pocket-pc-scoreboard I personally found the gauge option to be much easier to achieve special balls at full power than utilizing stylus mode.

You are presented with two gauges, one with a moving side-to-side gauge controlling bowling ball trajectory, and a progress bar that stretches and retracts quickly from left to right that monitors the force of your hopefully adept bowling attempt.

Use the D-pad in both modes to move your bowler from side-to-side.

I generally resort to the stylus if I'm presented with both options, but I found it easier for the UBF bowling game to go without it. Multiplayer Modes

The mutiplayer mode component, albeit fun, was slightly lacking.
There is no feature for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi play, a relatively common module present in quite a few newer releases.

Nevertheless, you can play against the CPU or pass your unit back and forth with a friend between bowls for up to four players.

The Tournament mode pits you against a series of CPU opponents around the world, where you have to consistently win each battle to advance to the next destination.

Bowling Game Locales

The locations featured in Ultimate Bowling Fighter skip amongst Japan, USA, Spain and Brazil.

You can unlock one additional bowling challenger and four other locations.


pocket-bowling-game-jose The audio featured in this title was excellent.

Astraware has avoided the pitfall of tinny-sounding music for this bowling game download, keeping pace with a lively beat.

Bowling balls rumble deeply down the alley, and pins crack and collide authentically.

Bottom Line

A Wi-Fi or Bluetooth component is on my wish-list for missing features in this otherwise excellent title.

The inability to change human bowlers' names from generic Player 1 titles is a slight nuisance.

Regardless, a valuable addition to any Pocket PC game sport collection. Addictive bowling game action.

Four additional bowling alley locations in Canada, Russia, Space and Ocean extend convert to many additional hours of gameplay.

PDAGameGuide Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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