Full Pocket PC Bowling Tips for Ultimate Bowling Fighter

For this Pocket PC bowling tips compendium, each Ultimate Bowler Fighter bowler has adopted their own bowling game persona.

This bowling tips collection outlines each pro bowler CPU nemesis' AI strategy as they try to force you out of the tournament.

Separate bowler personalities translate into significant coding effort from the Astraware team.

It's greatly appreciated as it certainly extends Pocket PC gameplay, but it may take some time to ascend your bowling learning curve.

Basic Pocket PC Bowling Tips

I've found it easier to adopt bowling strategy with the gauge control as you can monitor your game with greater precision.


Pocket PC Bowling Tips to Behaviour

The slightly geeky looking Ryo from Japan is only deceptively so.

His special 10-pound bowling at maximum force is the orange, flaming fire ball, allowing you to make quick work of those tiny, yet formidable pins.

Ryo is the easiest to use in this Pocket PC bowling game. I found myself using gauge control over stylus mode more often.

If you opt to go with Ryo, take your shot directly down the middle of the lane at maximum power.

Even lapsing just a little when it comes to the power of your shot with Ryo will result in an unfortunate split (two pins remaining at some distance from each other).

I've seen this occur with dead-center balls and clicking on the D-pad button with one notch remaining for maximum power, so be careful.

I'll be posting an addendum on a separate page outlining the intricacies of approaching split pins.

Each bowling ball is of a different weight class, so you'll have to match your bowling strategy to the player accordingly.

Pocket PC Bowling Guide for Kelly

ultimate-bowling-fighter-bowling-tips-kelly The blue body-hugging clad Kelly from USA is a bit more difficult to master. Her special ball is the blue Magma Wave.

This bowler has a moderately lighter-classed bowling ball at a puny 8 pounds-- the lightest in the bowling tournament.

You will only receive sporadic strikes if you attempt a dead-center toss at full power.

This is because the relatively lighter ball flies through the bowling pins with little impact on surrounding pins, more often than not resulting in a split.

Try to aim slightly off dead center.

Slightly to the left or right will greatly increase your chances at a pin blowout.

Aim for about three to five units less of full power on the gauge. This will greatly increase your likelihood of clearing all pins.

An excellent bowling tactic for Kelly is to let your bowling ball power be dictated by the angle that you wind up choosing.

Pocket PC bowling tip summary: when using Kelly, the more off-center the angle the less power you have to generally apply to the ball.

Do this consistently and you'll be chalking up those X's on the scoreboard with little effort.

Pocket PC Bowling Tips for Maya

ultimate-bowling-fighter-maya The lovely Maya from Brazil also has an equally lovely yet killer strike. Her ball weighs in the middle of the class at 11 pounds.

You can aim dead centre without moving her from her initial position, and I've noticed that it takes a less than powerful shot to consistently lay your all-pin smack down.

Trying to pull a Ryo by aiming dead-center does not seem to result in consistent strikes, so easing up on the power is key for your bowling tips strategy.

Save your special ball for split bowling pin scenarios instead. Aim for the outer edge of the bowling pin with your bowling ball maximum power flambé.

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I expound on graphics, gameplay and audio if this title piques your bowing curiosity.

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