Illegal Canadian Downloads Hurting PDA Gaming?

A prominent study suggests that Canadians between the ages of 12 and 24 account for 78 percent of illegal MP3 downloads.

As this only account for 21 percent of Canada's population, it seems painfully obvious where the blame lies.

The study was conducted by the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

skyforce-pda-gameCRIA President Graham Henderson issued the same tired verbose rhetoric about file-swapping harming artists, referring to an "...erosion of respect for intellectual property."

It seems as if that same erosion is occurring on the PDA game download level.

Pocket PC game warez is out in abundance, despite encryption algorithms coded from PDA owner names in an endeavour to pair the game with a specific device.

Being a Canadian (or more specifically, a Torontonian) doesn't mean that I belong to the illegal download subset.

I would sketch a crude Venn Diagram, but that would be insulting to my readership.

Let's just say that I have a bookshelf full of some top rated desktop PC games.

mustang-pda-articleNot to mention that I'm a bit out of the reach of the 12 to 24 age group anyway, provided that someone doesn't supply me with a DeLorean and some wide-eyed talk of heading back to the future.

Maybe a time-travelling Jaguar is a bit more contemporary.

What really irks me right now is Mike Lohsl, the self-touted Mobile Evangelist.

His barbed comment in a forum cited statistics from the survey and made a sarcastic reference to Michael Moore findings of low crime and murder rates in Canada.

Too bad Mr. Moore was referring to the absence violent crime, not pansy MP3 download transgressions.

So, Mr. Lohsl, I strongly suggest that you do your homework.

Let me get one thing straight-- downloading PDA game warez is definitely considered theft of intellectual property. Software licenses are a bit more cut and dried than MP3s.

PDA gaming is so much more affordable than desktop PC gaming at the moment, I shudder to think of what PDA warez may have already done to the industry.

I'm just not ready to shell out $60.00CDN for a new Pocket PC adventure game release five years from now.

I'm not into public service announcements, but rather supporting the best of our Pocket PC game makers and keeping the more creative of them in business.

Myst Pocket PC edition, anyone?


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