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Best Pocket PC Cartoon Screensaver Downloads

Initially, a Pocket PC cartoon screensaver didn't make much sense, especially since Pocket PC screens aren't prone to burn-in. There didn't seem to be much point.

I approached the Riverland Screensaver for PPC 2.0 with caution because the reviews seemed almost too good.

The Riverland Screensaver proved to have a lot of entertainment value after all, minus the level of interaction needed with a PDA game at inconvenient times.

In jam-packed commutes where one elbow jab could disrupt you when you're in the riverland-animated-screensaver-ppc real-time strategy zone on your PDA, I've found that a high quality animated screensaver that doesn't skimp on the details is a bonus.

Ditto that thought for meetings, but hold the audio.

These Pocket PC screensaver episodescan get pretty rowdy with all those magpie chirpings, cottage doors opening and shutting, etc.

The free PocketCandy utility will allow for these screensavers to launch themselves automatically on soft reset.

View my Riverland cartoon screensaver review for a more thorough dissection of the merits of animated life by the lighthouse.

If you'd rather check out animated life in the forest instead (complete with wildlife sound effects), view my Timberland screensaver review to peek in on a cartoon couple roughing it in a cottage in the forest. animated-screensaver-tribes-daylight-natives-thumbnail Cameos by wandering bears, flying owls and magpies as well as cheery, yet oddly purple hedgehogs round out this relaxing trip to nature.

If you're more into native dances in the rainforest with strange supernatural glowing lights emanating from windows, you might just want to view my thoughts on the Tribes screensaver . It takes a comical look at ancient native life among the ruins in the Amazon.

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