Creative Zen Vision Tops Video iPod for Award

The Creative Zen Vision may catch the attention of PDA toting diehards with this news.

This video player has snagged the coveted CNET Best of CES Award at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics show according to Yahoo! Asia News.

It's home of the largest trade show in the US.

I first mentioned the Creative Zen Vision in my December 8 2005 article, discussing the Apple vs. Creative patent wars.

creative-zen-vision-awardIt serves as predecessor to the Zen Vision:M, the winner of the title, released during the same year.

This latest bestowment was a slap to the collective faces of the Apple video iPod think tank.

I only say this because Creative's innovation is a bonafide Johnny-come-lately, emerging a couple of months after the video iPod debut in October 2005.

The later Creative Zen Vision incarnation comes complete with a 2.5" 262,144 colour LCD display.

creative-zen-article-dell-axim-x51vThe display on this device blows the socks off of the video iPod operating with a relatively piddling 65,536 or 16-bit display.

The Dell Axim x51v seems to be the closest thing Creative Zen Vision counterpart in the Pocket PC world.

It goes toe-to-toe with the video player, albeit with a bigger 3.7" VGA display and complete with matching VGA-out support.

In spite of the commonalities, it's hard to ignore comparably piddling Secure Digital storage versus the 30GB hard drive space that the latter boasts.

Still, for sheer versatility and gaming goodness, it's small wonder that more folks are switching to Dell for their Pocket PC game fix.

I touched on some comprehensive PDA survey results in my December 9 article, with some telling statistics in the Axim versus iPAQ showdown.

With the 3D graphics acceleration capabilities of the Dell Axim Pocket PC models, it would seem that PDA gamers are driving the Pocket PC market to some extent.

zen-vision-m-unitUnless, of course, you plan only on using Pocket Excel or something equally preposterous on these units.

You'd probably want to be downing enemy fighters in Anthelion 2 or something with that sort of processing punch available.

If the Creative Zen Vision and the Zen Vision:M catered for mobile gaming as well as video playback, however, it may be a no-brainer for even the staunchest PDA advocates.


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