Dell Axim Swats HP iPaq In Pocket PC Survey

According to a recent yearly popular Pocket PC survey by Spb Software House, Dell Axim users make up most of the market.

It's small wonder that PDA gamers are flocking to the Dell Axim x50v, making up 12% of current Pocket PC users according to the survey.

The Dell Axim has been slowly siphoning from the HP iPaq market share.

dell-axim-survey-resultsIt sits comfortably at number one, with 8% of survey respondents owning an HP iPaq h4700 series device.

The iPaq h4700 624 MHz processor is nothing to sneeze at, but a touchpad instead of a D-pad is a bitter pill for arcade Pocket PC game aficionados to swallow.

Regardless, it seems that PDA gamers are driving the Pocket PC industry at the moment.

Intriguingly, 41% of the respondents fell in the 26 - 35 year range ... just about the same demographic as most hardcore gamers.

dell-axim-x50v-survey-articleIt's no coincidence that the Dell Axim x50v has a VGA screen and a robust 624 MHz processor, either, for optimal game playback.

All the better for those gorgeous Pocket PC games.

The Dell Axim leapfrogged over the HP iPaq since it lagged in third place among Pocket PC owners in 2004.

I dubbed the Dell Axim x51v one of the heavyweights of the Pocket PC game arena and discussed its specifications briefly in an earlier article.

In the couple of months since the Axim x51v debut it has managed to land in the sweaty palms of 3% of the respondents, placing 6th out of 72 devices.

dell-axim-x51v-heavyweight-championConsidering that it has only been on the market since September 2005, this is quite a feat in a couple of months.

If PDA gamers continue clamoring for the technology like this, we can have our collective cakes and eat them too.

The Dell Axim is leading the technology-hungry Pocket PC game charge.

PSP-like Pocket PC game performance between reminders in the near future? We can only hope.


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