PDA Casino Games Targetting Dell Axim x50v Owners

Jackpot Casino by Mobile Stream has targetted solely Axim x50v owners, according to the most recent ClickGamer newsletter.

Mobile Stream has left out a large base of PDA owners in the process, with more versions promised.

You'd probably understand why if you read my July 13 blog entry regarding Axim as a veritable 3D powerhouse amongst its PDA kin.

jackpot-casino-game-for-pdaJackpot Casino's graphics are purported to be fully hardware rendered, and the screenshots certainly look appealing enough, but if 3D Chopper Fight can include a graphics mode non-Intel® 2700G Multimedia Accelerator capable devices, why can't this PDA casino title?

3D Chopper Fight didn't really fare too well next to the x50v's console-like gaming qualities. Aesthetically, it's downright ugly if you pair this game next to an iPaq 4100 series display.

At least it stands well enough on its own-- if you're comparing non-3D acceleration apples to apples, I guess.

Presumably, Jackpot Casino saves on the memory footprint it utilizes by solely focusing on the x50v's graphical capabilities. Still, sometimes these casino games are rushed to production in direct proportion to matching PDA hardware sales.

Personally, I'll make the uprgrade when more Pocket PC RPG 3D-accelerated games start coming out of the woodwork. Only hours of gameplay would make a PDA upgrade worthwhile.


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