Electronic Arts Video Game Publisher Woes

The latest downfall to hit Electronic Arts woes is due to console gamer hesitance.

This reluctance is slowly crushing the life of a video game publishing juggernaut.

TechNewsWorld reported that Electronic Arts experienced a net income drop by as much as a third since last year.

The reluctance of gamers to spring for existing EA titles before consoles like the Nintendo Revolution and PlayStation 3 hit the market is to blame.

electronic-arts-nfl-madden-06You might recall Nintendo's early politically correct stance on video game ratings with my Nintendo Revolution Implements Parental Controls article.

Just in case you've forgotten, Electronic Arts has given the Pocket PC its due as well.

The EA Sports division sated the appetites of the PDA toting armchair jock with releases like FIFA Soccer 2002 and the recent Madden NFL 06 for the Pocket PC.

As SuperBowl XL looms, diehard NFL fans will hopefully not come to depend on best-selling titles like this one if things continue in this negative vein.

More so if bets with your bookie hinge on a miniature Steelers vs. Seahawks simulation on your Jornada.

Of course, that's only if things continue to spiral downward for one of the top video game publishers in the industry.

electronic-arts-article-sports-fanThe fact that a massive publisher like EA spends any time with a platform that is supposedly declining in world shipments is surprising.

Their recent massive Electronic Arts round of layoffs of some 1000 workers was more characteristic of a GM plant here in Canada than a video game publisher in Redwood, California.

Apparently this downturn in the market occurs on a cyclical basis as folks wait for The Next Best Thing before laying down the cash.

This downtown was bit too severe to be safely weathered by EA without employee casualties this time.

All due to ambivalence from too many looming console releases.

ea-sports-logoGamers are getting sick and tired of doling out the moolah for games and upgrades in an age where rapid iPod upgrade consumer trauma is afflicting shoppers.

This is common territory for technophiles desperately attempting to retain that elusive State of the Art title.

My own vacillation in upgrading my own iPAQ was attributed to this "wait and see" attitude as well.

This resulted in four months of waiting before ordering the Dell Axim x51v, which I first mentioned in passing in my XBox 360 Consoles Woes Continue article.

Hopefully we can still look forward to our beloved EA Sports Pocket PC game titles for some time to come in spite of recent negative press.


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