Pocket PC Galaga - Galaxian With A Vengeance For Your PDA

How is the Galaga Pocket PC arcade game different from Galaxian?

Well, they both involve aliens intent on killing you, for one thing.

If I had to sum up this Pocket PC arcade game in a sentence, I would call it Galaxian with a vengeance.

Sort of like seeing what aliens would do after you unleash a can of Galaxian whup-ass in the prequel.

I suppose this definition wouldn't prove to be much use unless you were versed with both games.

galaga-scoreboardI'll take care of Galaxian with another article in due course.

The buzz was that Galaga was the more popular Pocket PC download, and I felt a deep need to determine why.

As for Galaga vs. Galaxian, your ship is faster, for one thing.

The aliens swoop more menacingly, and they have a bit more of a wide-ranging arsenal to boot.

I could easily, unhesitatingly highly recommend both official Namco translations for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile platforms.

Galaga has proven to be yet another Pocket PC arcade game title that has wrapped its geeky tendrils around the majority of my day.

It's not that I'm complaining, but other things need to be done.

Errands don't run themselves, and between my site updates, Galaga PDA arcade gaming and faithful dedication to Rogers cable TV, my available leisure time has to be spread pretty thin.

I've been finding that to be the case today.

I walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and stared indifferently at the almost full garbage bin.

I promptly sat back down and unpaused Galaga, destroying those alien ships as quickly as possible.

After all, PDA game reviews don't write themselves. At least, that's what my sense of self-justification has come up with for enjoying my so-called work this immensely.

Yes, I can assure you that it's that addictive. At the very least it beats taking out the trash until later.

The 'View' link outlines my thoughts on this particular Galaga incarnation for the Pocket PC. View


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