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Galaga Pocket PC Arcade Game Details

The Galaga Pocket PC arcade game is a fast paced arcade shooter. It allows for some satisfyingly simple shoot-em-up action for a gratifying break from my constant puzzle games.

The Galaga trial version download has a somewhat disappointing play duration of a few seconds.

I recommend the trial if you didn't play arcade games in the '80s and want to experience the gaming frenzy started during the Pac-Man and Frogger era.

If you did, more power to you as you will know what to expect from this classic.

Arcade Game Details

The alien swooping maneuvres, gameplay and audio are all indistinct from the original galaga-fighter-captured Namco release in 1981.

If you're unfamiliar with the original, this game involves some pretty deft left and right scrolling action to keep your ship intact.

Surprisingly, it holds its own against contemporary Pocket PC arcade game downloads.

When you clear each grueling wave of aliens, you clear the stage.

As you proceed, you'll see new enemy ships emerge as the attacks increase in intensity.

If you're just getting used to the frantic gameplay, my cheat article outlines the cheat available on the PPC version.

The gameplay becomes frantic on the maximum difficulty setting as the enemy ship's guns start looking more like a hailstorm.

If you're unfamiliar with the original, Galaga is a space arcade game shooter that involves some pretty deft moves to keep your ship intact.

Alien ships fly into formation from different angles on the screen.

They halt in formation but then start pounding your ship mercilessly in mini-squads until they take out your fighter.

At times they will attempt to collide with you from behind as well.

For some more detailed unit strategy, visit my Galaga strategy page

Arcade Game Options

for specific strategy if you're experiencing difficulty in clearing at least 9 stages.

This arcade game port for the Pocket PC even goes one better than the original with galaga-fighting-aliens options for the number of starting lives (2 - 5), a linear selection for when you achieve bonus lives (30,000 /120,000 and every 120,000), etc.

It even comes with an option to reset the high score as well.

Four difficulty levels from Easy to Expert would have also come in handy in the original.

Galaga even comes with a two-player mode, allowing you to go head-to-head as you take turns between ship explosions to beat each other's score.

This PDA arcade game port involves some blistering gameplay and very little time for distraction with excellent frame rates on my iPAQ 4150.

Tapping the screen will pause the game, handy for when the phone rings.

If you're looking for something a bit more relaxing, I would recommend some Galaxian instead. This will even help your proficiency as you graduate to some Expert difficulty level gameplay in this version.

Then again, your time might also be better spent with some less frenetic puzzle games for your PDA, instead.

The arcade game genre is not generally conducive to relaxing, so don't download this if lazily picking off enemies is more your style.

Still, Galaga has emerged as one of my arcade game favourites on my iPAQ.

This port is options-heavy with faithful, original audio and animation that will immediately take you back to coin-op arcade days.

If you want to pair this download with a free version for your desktop PC, check the freeware resources and downloads for the best and worst Galaga resources available online.

Bottom Line

Excellent port with original code. Immensely enjoyable. Tons of in-game options.

PDAGameGuide Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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