GameBoy Color Pocket PC Freeware News

Stress testing with Pocket PC freeware, especially game console emulators, may not always yield positive results.

For certain Pocket PC emulators, however, performance may just exceed your expectations.

I conducted my GameBoy Color game roms testing like I always do-- with a fairly large helping of cynicism.

gbc-rom-batmanIt's usually a mixed bag when searching for Pocket PC freeware downloads that are worth the effort. I certainly don't want all that installation and ActiveSync to be an exercise in futility.

I unfortunately go through more than my fair share of Pocket PC freeware provided by degenerate developers, but this time things turned out a bit differently.

My latest article concerns the PocketGnuboy GameBoy Color emulator and includes benchmarks compiled from a PDA parade of GBC roms on my iPAQ 4150, with surprising results.



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