The GBC Roms Emulator Guide for Pocket PC

Unequivocally, GameBoy Color Pocket PC emulation or GBC roms testing proved to be among the most successful game-playing sessions.

Original GBC Console Details

Nintendo released the GBC handheld gaming console in 1998.

With twice as much processing punch as the GameBoy and double the memory, it proved to be a worthy successor.

Recommended GBC Pocket PC Emulator

PocketGnuboy is hands-down the GameBoy Color Pocket PC emulator heavyweight champion pocketgnuboy-antz-racing-track of the PDA emulation arena.

Developed in 2004, this GameBoy Color emulator launched every single one of my 23 GBC ROMs with superb, smooth animation and excellently produced audio on my iPAQ 4150.

Best of all, it's Pocket PC freeware.

PocketGnuboy Options Overview

PocketGnuboy easily picked up all 23 of the GBC ROMs on my 1GB SD card, even though it was installed to main memory.

It includes a 240 x 216 Antialiasing feature to smooth out the jagged, pixellated edges of images.

There is a discernible image quality boost to the GameBoy Color emulation graphics when this feature is enabled.

If you own a 4100 series iPAQ or a PDA with a middling to high end XScale processor, you won't see any of the usual latency when applying this setting.

It also includes options to set Audio frequencies amongst 11, 22 and 44-kHz settings, 8 or 16-bit or Mono and Stereo. pocketgnuboy-options-screen If you're curious, you can display the frame rate of the GBC roms played as well.

GameBoy Emulation Testing

Thankfully, PocketGnuboy uses more screen real estate than several other Pocket PC emulators tested as well, providing for generously large views.

You can even throttle the games down to a more manageable 59.73Hz with yet another PocketGnuboy emulator setting.

This is useful for games like Antz Racing, which does not contain a throttle check for all that tin can "formula 1" racing.

After throttling, I managed to ease my way across the finish line at a more natural GameBoy-like clip without careening wildly out of control as I did previously. Every GameBoy Color rom that I tested ran at a minimum of 55 and maximum of 183 frames per second. gbc-roms-battletanx Every hardware button and D-pad movement can be remapped if necessary, but you'll find the defaults just fine.

Many GBC roms include a feature to change the controller configuration set.

If you don't like using the Up D-pad direction to move your tank forward in Battle Tanx and would rather use one of the other hardware buttons to accelerate, for example, an in-game menu provides configuration set change options.

Throw in a screen tap to pause any GBC roms you happen to be emulating on your Pocket PC, and you've got a winner.

My Pocket PC emulator guide outlines pros and cons of other emulator testing besides GBC roms like GameBoy Advance, Super Nintendo and NeoGeo.

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