Handheld Gaming Jeopardized by Virus

A virus deadly to the firmware of the PSP handheld gaming device is already floating around.

Sony PSP owners react with trepidation as warnings have been issues of virus software which can render their beloved device inoperable..

It's ingenuity lay in the fact that the virus makers didn't target the newer 2.0 firmware release, but rather a patch which reversed the firmware upgrade to the previous 1.5 version.

The virus makers have adopted the pseudonym "PSP Team", and this deadly digital ailment removes key system falls, making the PSP an unbootable paper weight.

psp-handheld-gaming-virusFor once, I'm pleased with an aspect of technological apathy; Pocket PC virus strains are not too prevalent, thanks to either heinous hacker indifference or robust Windows Mobile stability.

I'm leaning towards the former.

The first Pocket PC virus surfaced in July of 2004 and was dubbed a "proof of concept." It did no damage, and politely asked to be spread.

In short, you're more likely to be struck by lightning, win the lottery and wind up in jail on the same day than for your Journada or Axim to be hit by the Duts virus.

I'm thankful for this indifference. With any luck, these evildoers will continue to turn a blind eye towards our Pocket PCs.


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