How to Play Jawbreaker for Pocket PC - Continous Mode

Learning how to play Jawbreaker and achieve high scores in all available game modes is not too difficult.

This article outlines Continuous mode strategies.

Continuous mode is not as tough as Standard, but it's not your pansy Megashift mode, either.

Firstly, to call this 'Continuous' is a bit of a misnomer. The only continuous aspect of this game style is the never ending parade of coloured balls in the tiny 'preview row' present at the bottom of the playing field.

'Continuous' games come to a quick end if you match coloured sets haphazardly, so here's the basic rules for this type of game.

How to Play Jawbreaker - Continuous Mode Details

There is only one major difference between Standard and Continuous; the presence of the Jawbreaker Game preview row at the bottom.

This places it just behind Standard in terms of difficulty, Standard being the most difficult.

The restrictive shifting is a problem, especially for new players. You only shift if you clear a column of Jawbreakers to the base of the playing field.

The preview row pattern does not fluctuate between game types.

As with all the other game modes, clearing a column down to the bottom of the playing field will result in all balls from the preview row being added.

The leftmost ball in that tiny row is added to the first row from the bottom, the second to the second row for the bottom, and so on.

How to Play Jawbreaker - Basic Tips

As with other game modes, a few of the basics apply:

  • Try to preserve pre-existing matched sets at the bottom

  • Bring like colours down to meet them in large groups if possible

  • Start matching from the top and work your way down

Specific Continuous Mode Tips

  • Mentally match the preview row balls to their counterparts on the playing field

You'll have to do this to avoid 'orphan' balls that can't be matched. They'll sit Jawbreaker Game there like lead balloons, and getting rid of them is tough.

The bottom rows are most significant. Winding up with a different coloured ball to the remainder of the bottom row means trying to match the set from above. Not too easy.

Try to avoid this when first learning how to play Jawbreaker Continuous mode.

At the very least, make sure that there are sure matches for the two bottom rows.

  • Pay extra attention to preview row

There's no easy Megashifting happening here, so you can't just slide Jawbreakers to meet matched sets as feasibly.

The key to a long game is making sure that you keep tabs on the Jawbreakers that are next in line to be added to the playing field.

Your game will last considerably longer and give some credence to the name 'Continuous'.

You will also become more proficient by trying out each game mode. It makes an overall rankings boost more possible.

If you'd like to learn how to play Jawbreaker in different gameplay modes, you'll find specific tips for each one.

There are strategies specific to Megashift, Shifter and Standard modes posted.

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