The Pocket PC Gaming Demise of the iPAQ hx4700

It was with mixed feelings that I received news of the untimely passing of the iPAQ hx4700, according to the HP website article that was posted.

I had posted some gaming information about the iPaq hx4700 on my site not too long ago.

As a PDA gamer geek, I admired its ample 4.0" real estate, VGA colour depth capability and awesome 624-Mhz processor speed, but in a lot of ways I don't miss it at all.

It boasted a tiny touchpad, which was widely maligned in Pocket PC forums for not really being conducive to arcade gaming.

It comes in handy for role-playing games like Myst where you tap the screen to advance, but frenetic Pac-Man style PDA gaming is better suited for a device with a D-pad.

hx4700Add the widely maligned "el cheapo" plastic form factor and slightly bigger size, and you're stuck with a gaming device that won't just fit in just any old case, much less your pocket.

I'll take my iPAQ 4150 over it any day. If I can overclock it to 530-Mhz from 400-Mhz without nary a hiccup (see my XCPUScalar writeup on benchmarks in the Pocket PC emulator guide section) that my XScale baby suits me just fine for the moment.

Throw in built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and we have a PDA gaming champion. I'm yet to encounter the Pocket PC game download that makes it stumble.

Hence, I have my reasons for doubting that the Pocket PC game community had ever fully embraced this device, but I can't wait to see what gaming goodness awaits on the technological horizon.


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