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The Pocket PC Game Authority

Your Pocket PC game guide information fix

The detailed lowdown on popular Pocket PC downloads for:


Involving real-time strategy games for your PDA like my popular Age of Empires Pocket PC review

Best PPC arcade downloads, like the Anthelion review

Top puzzle games like Bejeweled 2

Your guide to top quality Pocket PC Sudoku downloads

Quality Pocket PC freeware for screensavers like PocketCandy

Best in show Animated Screensavers for your Pocket PC

Pocket PC downloads, strategy guides and tips for PDA gamers

You'll find a virtual cornucopia of Pocket PC freeware information as well.

There's also the buzz-generating full Jawbreaker strategy guide, outlining tips and tricks for each game mode in this excellent pocket pc freeware puzzle game.

No other PDA game site features such unique gaming tips for your handheld.

My Pocket PC emulator guide will give you the scoop on MorphGear, PocketAdvance and other gaming console emulators.

Feel free to use the site search for detailed breakdowns on Pocket PC freeware downloads or dissections of highly ranked Pocket PC game downloads.

The PDA game guide blogs of a dedicated PDA gamer and gaming news articles are also indexed in the search.


The PDA Reviews & PDA News Games Blog

Your Pocket PC Sudoku Software Download Guide
Your Pocket PC Sudoku guide with extensive reviews of this popular PDA numerological puzzle.

Pocket PC Jawbreaker Game - Tips and Strategies
The Pocket PC Jawbreaker game is immensely popular. It's freeware, so that's probably a factor. Check here for gameplay

Guide to Top Rated Pocket PC Emulators - GBA, SNES & More for Pocket PC
The Pocket PC Emulators lowdown. Your guide to the best Gameboy Advance (GBA), Super Ninentendo (SNES) and other Pocket PC game emulator software.

Top RTS Game Pocket PC Downloads Guide
Extensive RTS game Pocket PC guide to quality real-time strategy downloads for your PDA.

Ultimate Pocket PC Bowling Game
The Ultimate Bowling Fighter bowling game for Pocket PC by Astraware. Find extensive review and full details here.

Galaga Pocket PC Arcade Game Details
Find why the Galaga Pocket PC arcade game sits squarely at the top of the PDA game arena.

Myst Pocket PC - One Of The Top Adventure/Puzzle Game PPC Downloads
Is Myst Pocket PC the most sucessful desktop to Pocket PC transition? Detailed Myst pocket review right here.

Bejeweled 2 Gem Swapping Puzzle Game for your Pocket PC
Bejeweled 2 for Pocket PC has actually made me a puzzle game fanatic. I put it through its paces, and this game is truly brilliant. Check out the full goods here with my review.

Premium Pocket PC Cartoon Screensaver Downloads
There are quality Pocket PC cartoon screensaver downloads to be found. The full lowdown, reviews and PDA screenshots here.

Dougie Lampkin's Trial Challenge -- The Ultimate Pocket PC Trial Bike Game
Trial Challenge is your best graphics/gameplay trial bike game combo for your Pocket PC. Ultra-realistic rider and bike physics make this a must download. Check out some original screenshots here.

The Pocket PC Arcade Game Spotlight: SkyForce Action Game Review
I realized shortly after trying the demo for Skyforce that this game is a truly a graphical tour de force. Read up on this quality Pocket PC arcade game tested on my iPAQ 4150.

Anthelion Pocket PC Game Review
The Anthelion: Galactic Alliance Pocket PC game stands tall among other space shooters for your Pocket PC. Check my article to see why this is richly deserved!

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