iPAQ Games Specs Review: HP iPAQ 4150 vs. hx4700

Processor Comparison

My 4150 has a very iPAQ games capable 400mhz processor. This is right in the middle of the
range of the low-end HP iPAQ rz1700 series at 266mhz and the mighty iPAQ hx4700 series at 624mhz.

HP iPAQ 4150 and 4700 Pros and Cons

My 4150s low price tag, along with built in wireless network and bluetooth functionality lulled me into buying this unit. It has a clear, crisp display, albeit a half inch smaller than the 4 inch HP iPAQ 4700 screen. Still not bad for iPAQ games.

Yet for some reason, Pocket PC games' performance on my iPAQ seem to be above average. Arcade and racing games, typically the most processor intensive, run without hiccups. My Bejeweled 2 iPAQ games review showcases its VGA 64-bit color capability.

Pocket PC 3d game graphics run smoothly.

This was before I had tweaked the registry settings on my iPAQ for even better performance.

The 4700 will run anything you throw at it , processor-wise. It also has a huge, gorgeous display. However, its hefty tag at $650 makes it a bit pricey.

It uses a navigational touchpad (similar to laptops) that makes gameplay a bit more awkward for those not used to it.

My 4150's 'gamepad' type of navigational controller works quite well for Pocket PC games.

Bottom Line

The 4150 display is a bit smaller.

Gamepad-like navigation button is a bonus for game playing. There are faster processors out there now.

The iPAQ 4700 has a huge display, excellent for games. High resolution at 480x640 and blistering 624mhz processor.

Touchpad navigation may take some getting used to for games. Expensive.

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