iPod Takes On Creative in Potential Patent Clash

Yes, even more litigation news of the iPod variety.

This time, Creative is duking it out with Apple.

The battle will take place on the technological front as well as the courts due to the former's new product release.

Apple is facing an iPod patent dispute, and Creative is poised to lay claim to ownership of the music navigation scheme on digital players.

ipod-creative-zen-vision-clash-articleIt really has been court crazy these days, with recent news of the XBox 360 class action suit on December 5 2005.

I had always found it curious that the iPod shuffle debuted in January 2005... scant months after the Creative Zen Micro digital audio player made its appearance in November 2004.

Creative was subsequently forced to humbly slash Zen Micro prices to compete with the much cheaper iPod shuffle.

Presumably, bad pricing models by Creative and a more aggressive iPod marketing campaign led to still still strong iPod shuffle sales at the time of my November 1 article.

ipod-zen-vision-patent-dispute-newsThis persevered in spite of the release of the fifth-generation iPod in October 2005.

Interestingly, Creative has now unleashed a Video iPod doppelganger on the market, according to the AppleInsider site, in the form of the Zen Vision.

The Zen Vision video player clone device has 30GB of storage capacity is being marketed as a photo viewer and MP3 player as well, with a vivid 262,144 color display.

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo verbally spanked Apple at the product launch.

He asserted that this 30GB video player would play a variety of video formats, as well as subscription music availability from different sites.

Who would have thought that being relegated to iTunes or the restrictive MPEG-4 and H.264 file formats would be cause for the fifth-generation iPod to be ridiculed publicly.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile is a video playback answer of sorts if you're running on the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system or later.

pocket-pc-zen-vision-articlePocket PC owners are still stuck with restrictions for licensed song tracks in the much maligned Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption scheme.

DRM allows for secured distribution of music and video files, but I'm adamantly against license restrictions governing synchronization frequency on principle.

The distributor can set a restriction of 5 synchronizations of song or video files to your PDA.

This can leave you stymied if a virus wipes out backup files, misplace your tiny SD card, or any number of small calamities exceeding the threshold.

Check out the DRM page on updatexp.com for a demonstration of the technology.

I'm thankful that the Pocket PC has not been assailed by litigation like its BlackBerry and iPod kin have been recently.


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