iPod Induced Hearing Loss News

iPod users may be especially prone to hearing loss.

That's what Pete Townshend, 60, of 60s rock band The Who had to say to iPod music lovers.

According to a Yahoo News story, Pete goes on to warn that iPod induced hearing loss is irreversible over time.

Apple already has its hands full with their iPod versus Creative patent dispute without this kind of negative press, somewhat tempered by recent news of video iPod TiVo deals.

ipod-induced-deafness-article-picThe iPod users that I know aren't prone to cranking down the volume.

Pete goes on to speak of hearing impairment from an unlikely source: earphones he used in his recording studio.

High-decibel pounding iPod listeners aren't the only ones to fear, however.

As an avid iPAQ gamer, this news also gave me pause.

My Warfare Incorporated real-time strategy gaming on my Pocket PC has recently resulted in some unfortunate, annoying time with Mr. Tinnitus.

The sobering reality shared by myself and waves of iPod fans is that this is just the beginning of the decline.

I assail my ears nightly with Quake 4, Serious Sam 2 and FEAR fragfests on my desktop PC while my iPAQ is recharging.

This just compounds the situation, especially since I use earphones for my wife's sanity. iPod users with their ubiquitous white earphones can probably relate.

I'm sometimes sharply reminded of the TV commercial where the supervisor is attempting to fire his cereal-eating subordinate but is drowned out by loud crunch noises.

Substitute my wife for the supervisor and deafening, staccato bursts of Quake 4 railgun fire for crunch sounds and you get the idea.

Even now, I hear the maddening high-pitched wheee sound of damage caused by too much Pocket PC earphone gaming, made even more conspicuous by this subject matter.

Best to drown out the infernal ringing with some Bejeweled 2 or something.


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