No iPod Jeans, Please

It looks like iPod pervasiveness has made it to clothing.

Levi's RedWire DLX iPod line of jeans come equipped with side pocket for iPod storage.

There's also a remote control allowing for control of the player without actually removing the device from the pocket.

They're tentatively priced at an exorbitant $200 USD. Better not tear these jeans.

There are no pictures available at the time of this article.

ipod-jeans-newsIt looks like Levi's are trying to horn in on the iPod craze, which shows no signs of slowing. Looks like recent iPod hearing loss warnings are going unheeded for now.

Zen Micro makers Creative must be wondering about their own lost endorsement deals as they duke it out with Apple over the iPod in yet another patent clash.

I guess all the BlackBerry wrangling made this the court action du jour.

As for myself, I've disavowed such geeky, technology-integrated clothing since the advent of the e-Holster in 1999.

For those not in the know, the e-Holster had only one form factor initially.

The leather harness fitting across the shoulders looked suspiciously like suspenders.

My colleagues had been gathered around a monitor, guffawing loudly at the geekily defiant guy modeling his techno-suspenders on the website.

I immediately dropped all delusion of such apparel ever being popular around the office.

ipod-article-utility-beltNo iPod jeans for myself on the horizon, if I ever buy an iPod. No Pocket PC jeans either, if they ever made it to market.

iPod units seem to be easy enough to control on their own.

Only the truly indolent would think that reaching into their pockets to change tracks is a burden.

With my wireless Bluetooth headset case, leather iPAQ case and Motorola cell phone case all hanging on my belt, an e-Holster would be nerdly, pocket protector taped-glasses suicide.

I'll stick with my handy utility belt for the time being.


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