iPod Blamed for Crime Increase

The iPod is just a big, white beacon for the criminal element.

This is, at least, the basis of today's report on the MacNewsWorld site.

The results link iPod attacks to students not content to simply stealing money from their parents.

Street robberies are up by 50 percent in Bedforshire, England, with corresponding increases in other areas.

ipod-muggers-news-articleThis rash of muggings is being blamed largely on iPod popularity with the masses.

This digital audio device may be a bit too distinctive with its trademark white colour, making it an easy target for thieves.

Fortunately, iPod related muggings don't seem to be the rage in Toronto.

Black earphone cables and iPAQs seem to blend nicely with the urban landscape without beckoning to would-be thieves jonesing for a piece of Pocket PC pie.

The advent of the video iPod resulted in a subsequent slash in iPod shuffle MP3 player prices.

ipod-shuffle-muggingsThey seem to be even more ubiquitous than ever, if at all possible, as tales of iPod related deafness go unheeded.

For once we can revel in the relative unpopularity of the Pocket PC. After all, the cost differential is usually a few hundred Canadian.

Presumably, street bandits would rather have their no frills iPod shuffle experience instead of wrestling with Windows Mobile 5.


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