iPod Nano Display Fiasco Becomes Class Action Lawsuit

This iPod Nano display issue has conceivably made purchasers a bit more wary.

As a native Torontonian, I sometimes find the litigious nature of our American cousins a bit flabbergasting sometimes.

In this recent class action suit, however, the action seems warranted.

ipod-nanoI reported in a September 29 article regarding this iPod Nano display drama that display screen integrity has undoubtedly resulted in no small concern for Apple.

AppleInsider has reported that a class action lawsuit was launched on Wednesday.

The Red Herring online publication is credited as the original news source. You can view more information on the iPod Nano Owners Sue Apple article here.

Astoundingly, Jason Tomczak (initiator of the suit) claims that rubbing it with a paper towel resulted in significant scratches to the display.

bounty-for-ipod-nanoMaybe he should probably switch to Bounty or something a bit less coarse. I favour Kleenex myself.

I have no similar complaints, having dropped my own iPaq a number of times in its lifetime. It's yet to see a scratch.

With all the furious hardware button mashing, PDA gamers need something in the way of reassurance regarding the structural integrity of their devices.

All the griping of the iPaq Hx4700 and its cheap-to-the-feel, easily smudged black, plastic form factor does not hold a candle to the iPod Nano display strength complaints floating around at the moment.

Not all Pocket PC gamers are willing to cough up an extra few hundred Canadian coin for a rugged TDS Recon 400 outdoorsy type of PDA.

Myself? I'll settle for Windows Media Player Mobile and structural integrity over iTunes on a vulnerable iPod Nano for the time being.

The relative ease of use the iPod Nano doesn't amount to a whole lot when you're an awkward stretch away from rendering your display unreadable.


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