iPaq Trumps iPod Nano Display Strength

Yes, my iPaq 4150 is the hands-down winner against the iPod Nano.

This might seem a bit bewildering as the latter is one of the newer iPod offerings from Apple, and my iPaq is, well, a Pocket PC.

It comes down to display screen strength.

ipod-nanoMy iPaq has fallen quite often over time. It's largely a distance of a few feet, but its most notable fall was down a couple of flights of stairs on Aug. 18.

Yet, inexplicably, no screen repair service has ever been needed.

Apple is being flooded with complaints from users of the iPod Nano that habitually carry the MP3 player in their pockets.

Apparently a strong sneeze or stretching awkardly while yawning are just a couple of ways to crack its fragile LCD display, leaving teens and adolescents saving their allowance for weeks in tears.

The majority of the customer base is demanding a complete recall of the units.

If that were the case with my own PDA, it would have smashed several times over already.

You won't see accidents occur with slow-paced games like Jawbreaker, but I have the unfortunate tendency of trying to focus on several tasks at once, sometimes while gaming.

Start up a rousing game of Age of Empires Pocket PC edition or some Galaga classic action and try clearing the coffee table at the same time. You'll see what I mean.

Amidst all the distractions, something must give.

Apple admitted to the Nano quality defects. Maybe they should take a cue from Hewlett-Packard's penchant towards titanium-like display screen strength.

Still, I think I'll show some more caution in future instead of testing the boundaries of Murphy's Law.


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