Smaller iPod Shuffle in January?

AppleInsider speaks of yet another iPod shuffle device set to debut as early as January 2006.

My November 1 2005 article regarding the iPod vs PDA market wars already referred to continued, strong iPod shuffle sales.

Presumably, something had to be done in the face of fragile iPod Nano screens, with most recent news of this being the iPod Nano class action lawsuit in my October 10 article.

ipod-shuffle-pack-of-gum-sizeThe emerging iPod may silence some staunch PDA advocates solely due to its purported form factor.

At this time, the general PDA is only moderately larger than the iPod shuffle. This puts it on an even keel in terms of portability.

Apparently the new iPod shuffle will be smaller than a pack of gum, adding to the already burgeoning handheld consumer confusion factor.

ipod-shuffleIf the Windows Media Player mobile crowd chooses to eschew the versatility and gaming goodness that the Pocket PC has to offer, they may be sated by the newly increased portability offered by its smaller size.

All for the same price as a current, first-generation iPod shuffle, further adding to digital audio ambivalence with the plethora of models on the market.

Alternately, Windows Mobile operating system overhauls seem to occur yearly ... a snails pace when compared to the four month interval between the latest iPod incarnations.

I've made passing mention of iTunes Pocket PC apps purporting to bestow iTunes-like functionality to the PDA.

Still, being strongly of the versatility mindset, I'll take the quality gaming experience and MP3 capability of the Pocket PC over adding yet another device.


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