Motorola RAZR V3i an iTunes Storage Dud?

My recent articles pummeled the PDA platform on various fronts, but the new Motorola RAZR cell phone makes it stand tall.

The Pocket PC had been shown up a few times by the iPod and Nintendo DS with recent technological and WiFi advancements.

News of the new iTunes and Motorola RAZR V3i cell phone pairing, though, is cause for PDA advocates to raise their heads a bit higher.

itunes-motorola-razr-v3i-knockoutThe latest Motorola up-and-comer made the news today at the AppleInsider site.

Slick form factor, yet still marred by storage limitation issues.

The power users amongst us aren't looking for something that holds roughly 5% of the MP3 files a CD can hold.

Apple seems to think so with its latest iTunes and Motorola RAZR V3i cell phone union.

AppleInsider asserts that no details have been released regarding capacity. It will presumably hold about 100 songs according to the Motorola RAZR V3i article posted on the site.

A handheld boxing match underdog for mobile device storage.

You'll recall in my iTunes Fails In Motorola Rokr Cell Phone Bid article that Rokr buyers simply couldn't let go of their phones quickly enough.

motorola-razr-v3i-phoneYou'll recall that they wound up returning them in droves. Presumably, the snickers of PDA users with "just" one gigabyte of storage spurred them somewhat.

It's all relative.

The article also asserts that Apple is eschewing emasculating storage attributes in a futile Cyrano de Bergerac-like fashion.

Motorola RAZR V3i purchasers may find themselves initially lulled by advertising emphasizing other attributes, like its 1.23 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom.

Yet, with applications like PPCTunes purporting to walk the iTunes talk on the Pocket PC, PDA owners are laughing by comparison.

The inclusion of iTunes on the RAZR V3i is thus a bit of an enigma.

Even if it's not marketed strongly, audiophiles will ask about iTunes. This will inevitably lead to talks of mediocre MP3 storage.

At that point they'll start glancing adulterously at the Pocket PC platform. Let's hear it for the PDA.


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