Jawbreaker Pocket PC 'Standard' Game Mode Strategies

Seeing as Jawbreaker Pocket PC comes part and parcel with Windows Mobile 2003, the strong appeal for this Pocket PC puzzle game is spread amongst those new PDA owners will go through that initial dry gaming spell.

This usually occurs immediately after a PDA purchase, especially for first time owners.

I was so caught up in its versatility that I didn't stop to seriously think of my iPaq 4150 as a gaming device in the slightest. As you can tell, my views have obviously changed somewhat as I realized its gaming potential.

jawbreaker-game-standard-modeThe Jawbreaker puzzle game for the Pocket PC is quite often the first game tried on a WM Mobile 2003 device. It's addictive nature becomes quite evident after a few rounds. It's one of those easy to play initially but another story when actually trying to nail those strategies down.

Yet, people are somehow able to routinely rack up 1500+ scores in Standard mode.

You probably know those people. I eventually got tired of not being one of those people. I analysed the game to death until I developed some winning strategies. Check the link below for my complete article. View


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