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Pocket PC Jawbreaker Game

The Pocket PC Jawbreaker game is immensely popular. It's freeware, so that's probably a

Check here for gameplay rules and tips for this free popular puzzle game for your Pocket PC. This will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

The Jawbreaker game for Pocket PC was developed by Oopdreams Software Inc.

It's a puzzle game that comes included with the Pocket PC 2003 / Windows Mobile 2003 operating system, first introduced in the WM 2002 version.

This spawned some corresponding desktop PC freeware. More information on that later as well.

Jawbreaker Details

I stumbled on this purely by chance. I wasn't too interested at first and didn't
Jawbreaker Game
play it that much, but I realized that Pocket PC Jawbreaker is more challenging than it appears. Also, more addictive!

In short, you start with a screen filled with coloured balls that are scattered randomly through the playing area.

Your objective is to get the matching colours to be adjacent to each other. Sounds easy, right?

Jawbreaker Game Modes

There are different game modes available, but the most popular is the Megashift mode. I've posted my brief notes below on this Jawbreaker game style.

The standard mode is a bit tougher. After logging several hours of play, I thought it might be a good idea to post some tips on this site.

Basic Gameplay Guidelines

  • Group large sets of matching coloured balls together when possible

  • The larger the colour group, the more points you collect

  • Double-clicking with stylus to collect points - all adjacent matches will disappear from the board

  • Balls fall downwards and slide right (Megashift)

  • One ball added to each row when you clear coloured pairs or sets all the way to the bottom row (Megashift)

  • Balls fall downwards and remain stationary (Standard)

As you can tell, there's some depth to the popular Pocket PC Jawbreaker game. Check this link for more detailed information on the Megashift game mode for some Megashift mode tips and secrets.

For the more difficult Standard game mode I've uploaded an article outlining key tips and tricks for this style of play.

My article outlines tips for the excellent Shifter and Continuous gameplay modes as well.

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