Jawbreaker Pocket PC Guide
Standard Mode

Standard mode in the Jawbreaker Pocket PC game is a bit more difficult than the
default Megashift mode.

In Megashift, at least you could count on your coloured rows being replenished once in a while and could plan your strategy accordingly.

Note the absence of the 'preview row' of tiny coloured balls at the bottom of the playing field.

As you may have already guessed, only choose this game mode if you're in the mood for a game of much shorter duration.

Jawbreaker Shift Patterns

Your main strategy for this Jawbreaker Pocket PC game mode is based on this: if you match coloured sets, the coloured balls falling from the top don't shift to the right after they land on other coloured balls.

Unless, of course, you've cleared coloured sets all the way to the bottom of the playing field.

If you match a coloured set at the very bottom of the playing field (and there are no balls of other colours lying on top), adjacent columns of balls to the left of your matched set will 'shift' to the right to fill the space.

It was this discovery that vaulted my scores into the 'high' category. Perform a quick analysis at the start of your game. Note the paired sets lying on the very bottom row of the playing field.

Start from the top (as per Megashift). You'll have to place more emphasis on matching large groups since you won't have a second chance once there are no moves left.

(Read my article for Jawbreaker Pocket PC Megashift strategies for more info on this Jawbreaker game mode).

Look for the biggest "group" of coloured balls that you can easily bring together.

More often than not, I was able to bring a common matched set down to meet the bottom row.

Obtain 300+ Points Per Matched Set

If you analyse your 'Standard' game mode accurately, you can easily net groups of 300+ points.

The above advice might be tough to digest without a visual example, so here's some screenshots from one of my Jawbreaker sessions.

A quick scan of the following Jawbreaker Pocket PC playing field should tell you the following:

  • Yellow and blue are the key colours. They're already matched at the very bottom of the playing field

  • Yellow is heavily grouped at the bottom but dispersed towards the top

  • Heavy concentrations of blue Jawbreakers are scattered

I started working on the Yellow clusters, knowing that I would have an opportunity to join the blue set together later.

By matching some purple, red and yellow sets, I wound up with the following:

I started matching some Jawbreakers off the top of the columns. If it were solely about matching large groups, this Jawbreaker Pocket PC strategy would come to a quick end.

Make sure that by the time you've grouped your large cluster for the matched Jawbreakers, you can simultaneously clear the entire column (instead of leaving balls remaining on top).

Don't forget-- if you clear matched sets but there are other mismatched sets sitting on top, you'll be stuck with no way to shift the columns of Jawbreakers on your left.

This actually limits your remaining moves drastically, so take note.

Jawbreaker Pocket PC Standard Mode Summary

So in short, key strategies are to group large sets, clear anything on top of them first and work your way down.

Ensure that your target colour set matches on of the coloured sets on the bottom row of the playing field.

It's generally best to work from top-right to lower-left, but this last tactic largely depends on your starting Jawbreaker analysis of the playing field.

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