Jawbreaker Puzzle Game - 'Shifter' Mode Strategy Guide

If you've seen the other Jawbreaker puzzle game strategy guides that I've uploaded to the site,
you'll know that the shifting patterns result in balls being moved or "shifted" to the right.

[For more information on other Jawbreaker puzzle game strategies click here.

You'll see some information on the popular default Megashift mode in addition to the more difficult Standard style of play.]

Shifter Gameplay Mode Rules

In Shifter, when you match your sets, the remaining balls will push themselves over to the right, as long as there's space to do so.

This won't leave any gaps, making it moderately easier than Standard mode which is definitely the most difficult Jawbreaker game type.

In short, if you match a set and leave space at the top, the topmost Jawbreakers will shift to the right to fill the vacant space.

In the screenshot on the right, it would be best to match blue set in the third column jawbreaker-game-shifter (the blue set of three) instead of matching the yellow set that I've highlighted.

The purple set will shift to the right.

Subsequently, matching the purple set will result in a shift by the blue Jawbreakers to join the larger set, netting you some more points.

Shifter Strategy

Your Jawbreaker puzzle game strategy for Shifter, then, shoudl be the following:
  • Make a mental note of the number of rows being vacated

  • Determine where the topmost balls will end up.

  • Leave matched sets at the bottom and work your way from the top of the playing field

  • Match large sets if possible as your score increases exponentially

You can more easily match large coloured sets in this mode than Standard, largely because you won't leave your little Jawbreakers stranded between empty, cleared columns.

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