The Jawbreaker Strategy Guide to Megashift Mode

Chances are, you have the free Jawbreaker game on your PDA. I've got some Jawbreaker strategy tips right here if you're interested.

I've posted some tips and tricks for the popular Megashift mode for this excellent puzzle game.

Jawbreaker really lives up to its namesake. Without this Jawbreaker strategy guide, it really feels jawbreaking to try to rack up high scores sometimes.

Your game will come to a quick end if you just randomly match those little coloured suckers without some kind of strategy.

Understanding all the logic behind this puzzle game on your Pocket PC is key. Matching the coloured balls in an ad hoc fashion will hinder more than help.

As such, I bring you my complete guide to the Megashift mode on your PDA.

Megashift Game Mode

Unlike the other game modes, Megashift will provide new coloured balls at intervals. The Jawbreaker strategy for this is basically to understand the logistics behind this.

Receiving New Balls

You will quickly determine that clearing coloured Jawbreaker rows all the way to the bottom of the playing field means that you receive new balls.

The coloured rows will emerge from the left. Note that one coloured ball is added to each row. This is in turn dependent on the number of balls on the display.

'Preview' Row

You'll notice a tiny row of coloured balls at the very bottom of the playing field. Pay close attention to them.

This is because they correspond to the number of rows to which a ball will be added.

Of course, they also indicate which colour is being added to the row. This is pivotal to your Jawbreaker strategy in this game mode.

When they're added, it starts at the row at the bottom. One is added to each sequential row proceeding upwards.

The tiny balls in the row at the very bottom of the playing field are depleted from left to right.

Accordingly, match the leftmost tiny ball in the 'preview row' to the row on the playing field at the bottom, the second preview ball to the second row, etc.

Frame your Jawbreaker strategy accordingly. Do your best to match the emerging coloured balls from the left to matching coloured balls that are already in existing rows.

Jawbreaker Shifting Patterns

Another aspect of the Megashift game mode: when matching colour sets, the balls obviously vanish, and you score points.

(This is quite basic, but click here if you're looking for basic Jawbreaker strategy gameplay tips and some other information about this game!)

When the matching occurs, any coloured balls in the rows above will fall. When their descent is blocked, they shift to the right as far as they can go (until blocked by another ball).

When matching colour sets, mentally note where they will fall and if they'll make matches when they do.

Work Your Way Down

It is much tougher to start matching balls from the bottom-most row. Start matching
from the top and work your way downwards.

If you start with matched sets at the bottom, don't do anything with them just yet. These sets become valuable later on, when you need to match something to obtain more balls.

When you run out of possible matches that result in more coloured balls being granted, the game is over.

Thus, make sure that your Jawbreaker strategy includes leaving some of these matched sets untouched. Keep checking the preview row to keep the game rolling.

In the following screenshots, you'll see that my preview row has two yellow balls. This is a godsend because you don't need to do any work-- you already have two matched balls being given. You'll see that I then clear some space by clearing the green coloured balls. My preview row has yellow, yellow, purple, and yellow respectively.

Clearing the green balls will mean that I obtain matches for most of the rows (according to the colours in the preview row), then the 'Megashift' occurs and I receive more balls.

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