Motorola Rokr Cell Phones Make Worst Top 10 List

The days of Pocket PC one-upping other devices occurs less often these days.

The Motorola Rokr cell phone, however, has proven to be a comparative storage midget with less than half the storage space of your 1 gigabyte Secure Digital card.

A recent Top 10 list of crappy Christmas gifts to avoid by a PC Magazine columnist placed the Motorola Rokr cell phone fourth in a recent article.

I panned it mercilessly in my November 11 2005 iTunes Fails In Motorola Rokr Cell Phone Bid article.

Cram your Pocket PC gigabyte SD storage with MP3 files and you'll find that you can add approximately 200 more songs than the Motorola Rokr.

motorola-rokr-media-comparisonAlso, when things get too cramped, we can always swap them.

Motorola Rokr users will just be doing this a bit more frequently than Pocket PC owners with SDIO memory slots.

The Motorola Rokr uses 512 Mb TransFlash SD memory, but even so can still only hold 100 songs for use with the iTunes application.

A one gigabyte Secure Digital card, by comparison, can hold more than a CD-ROM filled with MP3s.

Floppies don't even stand a chance in the storage race.

motorola-rokr-storage-articleI guess this cell phone is for you if you don't mind constantly swapping tiny, fingernail-sized memory cards between calls.

It's a tough blow for an iTunes marriage when a relatively cheap 1 GB SD card can knock the stuffing out of the storage capabilities of the Rokr.

I saw yet another Rogers Wireless advertisement about 10 minutes prior to this article, still shockingly touting it as the first iTunes phone.

You'd think they'd do better to emphasize the other Motorola Rokr sales points, but its humdrum 0.3 megapixel camera doesn't really aid matters.

This is no real enticement next to Windows Media Player Mobile.


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